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Client Testimonials

Over the years, we have been privileged to work with a wide variety of lovely people as our clients.  Our relationship with many of these clients has been for well over 10 years and we look forward to working with them for the next 10 – 20 years.

We share some our clients comments below for you, so that you can understand our relationships with our clients.

Graeme Davies and Julianne Leggott – Wellington
Carey has been working with us as our Financial Planner since 2004. We have always appreciated the expertise and attention to detail that she has brought to our financial affairs.

We initially expected her to advise us on our retirement savings, but she has also helped us with goal-setting, insurances and estate planning.   She has a refreshingly balanced approach, encouraging us to realise our key short-term goals while planning for the needs and wants of the future.

John and Ngaire Durnford – Wellington

When we first started working with Peter about 15 years ago, we had an expectation that once we engaged you (or any other financial adviser), you would just invest for us as per our initial goals and there would be nil or very little ongoing or frequent communication with us. Also that you wouldn’t be advising on insurances, private superannuation, EPA’s, on-line security, etc.

The favourite feature of Moneyworks service that we look forward to and most value is the annual review meeting and how it is conducted.  The single biggest benefit from Peter and Moneyworks is their complete wrap-around financial and general all-life advice services (like a one-stop-shop for a secure lifestyle).

Lena Tan – Auckland

I have been working with Peter and Moneyworks for over four years now and really like the personalised service and yearly follow up. I have worked with other financial advisers before, and they haven’t really cared once they get their commissions.

I value the annual review, where I set goals and Peter attempts to chase me up and ensure I achieve these goals.  Peter has great knowledge and provides me with sound advice.  It gives me confidence that Peter and Moneyworks put extensive research into every investment that I have in place and that the investments are constantly monitored.

Eddie Goldsmith – Rotorua

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul Swarbrick for well over 10 years.  He has advised me on funding arrangements for various commercial and other property investments.

Put simply, Paul is the absolute best financial adviser I have ever come across. I value his advice more than that of my lawyer and accountant. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Richard and Emma O’Reilly – Kapiti Coast

We have been working with Carey and Moneyworks for a long time now.  We were concerned at the start that she would push particular investment products that were good for her and the business in terms of commission, rather than good for us and we are glad to say that that has proven to be false.

There are lots of things that we like about Carey and Moneyworks service. But one that particularly appeals to us – is the transparency and visibility in particular the investment platform.  That it is always accessible and shows the current and past transactions, the current values, performance and all that sort of stuff. Having that available all the time and always up to date is great, I don’t think I would be comfortable waiting for a quarterly or annual report to say how investments were going or to see whether what we had agreed to invest in had actually happened.

The biggest benefit that Carey and Moneyworks service provides, is that it is a a good package approach covers super and KiwiSaver, general investments, insurance, asset protection and so on.  Also it is all based on sound approaches and tools eg: risk profiling, market assessments, ratings etc. This provides a high level of comfort that we have taken sensible steps to look after ourselves and our family.

Richard Murcott- Wellington

I have worked with Carey and Moneyworks for many years now. I value very highly the trusted financial advice Carey provides. It is always timely, tuned for my circumstances and profile, and educational. I very much appreciate this relationship, and this includes the learning founded on rock solid, consistently sound guidance.

In particular, I value the fact that she is there for me to talk to if a need arises, I have a strong sense of partnership, like having an invisible highly-trusted adviser sitting on my shoulder. I also know that she will take the initiative to advise or alert me if or when something needs to be changed or adjusted. The proactive advice and guidance is so reassuring.
That leads to peace of mind from knowing someone is there who clearly cares about my financial health and strategies.

Sally and Andrew Mellor – Waikato

When we started working with Carey and Moneyworks several years ago, we thought that you would tell us to curtail some of our live music weekends away & some of our “frivolous” spending, that didn’t happen – we make our own decisions about how to spend our money.

We particularly value the annual meeting, talking with each other instead of just reading. In addition to this, the whole process is simple and it has the added benefit that Carey breaks the technical/legal speak into laymans terms. As well as the insurance and investment stuff, Carey is also there to help us with reviewing the legal documents.

Working with Carey and Moneyworks gives us a confidence boost, that we are going to be okay with everything, that she has our back and are in our corner. She makes a tedious and confusing subject and process into something that we can deal with and makes us accountable, without having rules about what we can and can’t do.

Eileen Barrett-Whitehead and John Whitehead – Wellington

We have been working with Carey for over seven years now and the favourite part of her service is the annual review.  The discussion makes us think and plan rather than drift.  We value the investment management that comes as part of the service.

When we first started working with Carey we had a general wariness that a financial adviser would be trying to sell a particular financial product or service and this hasn’t happened with Carey.

Sue Watson – Waiheke and Auckland

With her advice, she has helped me focus on what is important to me and prioritise my financial and life goals. She remembers things that I have said in the past that are important to me and then reminds me when I’m making big decisions -bringing me back to what I want to achieve and how I want to live my life.

Carey pays attention to me and the fact that money is not the most important thing to me, that I have a real life and that all of those things (including my family and relationships) play a role in achieving my life goals. Financial security is part of that picture but not the whole.

She focuses on what success is for that person – it is different for different people and she helps me to define and stay true to my own definition of success.

Phillip and Sandra McKeown – Turangi

Dealing with Moneyworks over the last 18 years has given us confidence in making our financial decisions, given us a framework to think about our financial planning, and enabled us to achieve a financially comfortable retirement.  Now that we are retired, we are having to learn how to enjoy our money instead of ‘saving’ and Carey is giving us guidance in how to do this.

Peter and Rhianon Roberts – Wellington

Moneyworks and Carey Church have been providing our financial advice for almost 15 years. We have always found them fair, frank and friendly, and they have always worked effectively with us.

Lindsay Duncan – Wellington

The AMP claim on Jo’s income protection policy is now totally complete – the money is in the bank.  AMP were a pleasure to deal with – even in the pre-Christmas rush.  I repeat what I wrote below because I cannot say enough about the good that came out of you selling Jo the policy in the first place – “the figures are the best news I’ve had in a long time.  That policy of Jo’s has been a real blessing.  You thoroughly deserve everything good that will ever happen to you.”

Cyndy and Mark Kehoe – Turangi and Fielding

A quick email to say thanks so much for your help with Marks Trauma Insurance.  Its not a great way to get extra funds but it is really helpful to know that the money is there if we need it.

Everything went without a hitch especially when you see so much bad press about Insurance Companies. You were really helpful coming around home for the forms/signatures as Mark was not allowed to drive at the time. I wanted you to know we are both really thankful for the cover.  It was getting hard to pay the premiums, but so happy we kept it up even with reducing the cover to make premiums easier at the time. Thanks again

Tamsin and Rex Webb – Cambridge

We started working with Moneyworks many years ago and about three years ago we decided that we would like to be more involved in their annual service.  When we started working with Paul, we thought that the process would be heavily focused on hard saving for retirement as compared to enjoying life now.

We now have clear and defined goals. We really like the annual review process and the easy to understand documents which make it easy to understand where we are at.

Vanessa and ‘Ropes’ Ropitini – Palmerston North

We have been working with Peter for over 8 years and were (wrongly) concerned that he would dictate what we did with our money.  We make our own decisions.

Peter treats us like genuine friends, not as clients.  His manner is easy and personable and we have had consistently good returns on our investments.

We absolutely trust that Peter will only do the very best with our money and not take unnecessary risks.