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Financial Education for Employees and Clients

Financial stress is one of the major stressors on employees and often impacts on their productivity at work.

Research shows that financial education in the workplace provides an ROI of over 400% and has many other direct benefits to employers.

Moneyworks – qualified financial planners – have been providing financial education in workplaces in New Zealand since 1997. We have an extensive list of organisations that we have worked successfully with throughout New Zealand.. We have worked with both large and small employers – including a large range of Government Departments and semi Government organisations.

Moneyworks have a range of financial education programmes including:

  • How to Make Your Money and KiwiSaver Work

  • Effective Investment Strategies

  • A Man is not a Financial Plan

All of these education options are made up of the following components:

  • Group Seminars/Workshops for employees tailored to your workplace in content and length.
  • One to one personal financial planning consultations.
  • Regular monthly financial planning email newsletters for any employee who elects to receive it.

Other benefits and features depending on how you wish to work with us. Key issues covered:

  • Having a strong sense of your financial direction and goals
  • Choosing the KiwiSaver, Insurance and Investments that are right for you
  • Making sure you are getting the best value for money with your insurance
  • Understanding how your investments work
  • Ensuring you regularly review your lifestyle choices and your actions to achieve them.
  • Making sure your legal arrangements are still suitable and up to date

For more information on how financial education works, and how it could work for you, contact us by emailing Carey Church at