We work to assist you

in achieving your goals

Background to Moneyworks NZ Ltd

Moneyworks NZ Ltd was established in 1997 to provide employers, employees and individual investors with financial planning education and advice. Our goal is simple – to make your money work for you, whether you’re a corporate, a business or an individual.

We do this by providing sensible, easy to understand advice that takes the mystery out of money and investments. Our team of specialists have extensive experience in the financial services industry and work to assist you in achieving your goals.

How we work

Financial Planning is about providing you with the framework and tools to enable you to think about your choices, your goals and how to get there. We guide you to make the appropriate choices and to use the relevant solutions.

Regular Communication

We work with our clients using regular email and phone communication in addition to the annual review in person meeting. The core of the financial planning process is the Financial Plan, which is extensively reviewed at each Annual Review.

We provide regular email updates as soon as any information comes available that may affect your situation. We will meet more regularly with you, if you have changes in your life, or there are changes in the environment that are impacting on your situation.

The Annual Review (the mini financial plan each year)

At the annual review, as well as reviewing all core components of your financial planning strategy, and seeing where you are at in relation to your goals, we will do a ‘project’ – to ensure that your legal arrangements, fire and general insurance and other additional related issues are on track.

‘Safe versus Risky’ investment approach

The core of Moneyworks investment approach with our clients is to ensure that you don’t lose your capital.  Depending on your approach to risk, the value of your investments may go down in value for a period of time.  However, in our investment research and analysis we give strong weightings to the credit worthiness and risk of investments – this is particularly relevant with Fixed Interest Investments.

At our annual review, by updating your goals and objectives and your risk tolerance, we aim to ensure that you can ‘sleep well’ at night.  For some clients, this may well involve a decision to forgo additional investment return, in return for having ‘safer’ investments that clients understand and feel at ease with.

You are unique – so we treat you as unique

Financial Planning and the role of the adviser is to work with you to achieve your goals, given the constraints that you have in your personal situation.
There is no ‘one solution fits all’ in financial planning. Your situation is your own, you are unique, and as such, your financial planning situation and advice is totally personal to you.

Some of the investments that you may have in your portfolio may be the same as other clients that we have, but it will be tailored for your situation and your needs.

Taxation, Fee for service, No hidden commissions

We work with you to aim to ensure that your taxation rates are correct with your investment solutions providers.

We use a ‘wrap platform’ to enable you to access the most suitable investments for your situation, and not just the investments that are available to the ‘retail investor’.
We charge on a ‘fee for service’ basis for investments. When we recommend insurance. mortgages or KiwiSaver for you to achieve your goals, we will receive commissions, but these are clearly declared, there are no hidden commissions.


To receive the disclosures for our advisers, contact us at the email addresses below.

For more information, call us on 0800 225 621 or email us on contact@moneyworks.co.nz:  or individually at Carey Church at carey@moneyworks.co.nz, Peter Church at peter@moneyworks.co.nz or Paul Swarbrick at paul@moneyworks.co.nz.