Melanie Finnie

Administration Manager

Melanie joined Moneyworks in March 2017 to work on a variety of projects. Over the next twelve months, she became an invaluable team member and became the Administration Manager of Moneyworks in March 2018.

Melanie oversees all of the administration related aspects of the business, working closely with the three advisers, as well as continuing in her role with projects and upskilling to take on various compliance management roles (Health & Safety, AML/CFT to start with).

The core part of her role is to ensure that clients queries are answered, the annual reviews and financial plans are produced in a timely and accurate manner and that the follow up work from meetings is well organised and processed. Melanie audits the work that the advisers do from an administration perspective to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

The projects that Melanie works on range from these that are designed to ensure that the business operates at leading edge best practice level, to client supporting projects (liaising with clients accounting advisers in relation to information for tax returns), to a wide variety of internally focussed projects that ensure that Moneyworks projects are streamlined and as effective and efficient as possible.

Melanie brings extensive experience to Moneyworks from her tertiary education and her previous roles, which included 5 years as a Senior Property Consultant working with acquisition and disposal of Crown Land under The Public Works Act. This role built on Melanie’s previous legal experience, and involved negotiation with lawyers, valuers, and landowners as well as drafting Crown contracts and meeting with land owners.

Melanie lives Raglan with her husband Peter and 7 year old son Dane. When she is not working or spending time with Dane and Peter, she enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and food, reading, watching Netflix, walking, and swimming. Mel’s husband Peter works in the bee industry and he likes to surf and fish in his spare time.

BA (Psychology and Education), Victoria University (1997)
LLB Auckland University (2002)

Admitted to Bar as Barrister and Solicitor 2003 (but not practicing at present)

Relevant Experience
2005 – 2010 The Property Group Limited Hamilton Senior Property Consultant

Other interesting information
Black Belt in Nam Wah Pai Kung Fu, and Taught in this discipline
Raglan Area School volunteer work to update policies for Board of Trustees
Worked in Fund raising for Red Cross in Hamilton for 6 months.
Trinity College Elocution (Grade 8)