Returning to live in New Zealand - insurance issues

It is important that you make sure that any existing insurance cover that you have where you live will cover you while you set up in New Zealand. This is for life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection (disability) insurance.

Your health insurance is highly unlikely to cover you in New Zealand, which means that you need to look at the options for suitable private health/medical insurance cover in New Zealand. Most New Zealanders don't have cover for doctors or pharmacy costs these days, they tend to have cover for major medical and surgical and specialists costs.

When you are settled in NZ, it is probably worth reviewing any life insurance cover that you have, as you may well find that NZ based cover is more cost effective for you.

For more information on insurance and what is happening in the market in New Zealand, have a look at our blog at: Our Insurance Blog or ask us an Insurance Question at: Ask an Insurance Question

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By Carey Church


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