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How do you know whether your investment portfolio is the most appropriate one for you?

There are a number of methods, including gut instinct - looking at the description of the fund - ie Defensive, Conservative, Balanced, Growth, Aggressive and 'feeling' that that one is right for you.

However, a more systematic approach is to complete a 'risk profiler questionnaire'.  Ideally you would do this in conjunction with a qualified adviser (an Authorised Financial Adviser or AFA), who could assist you with understanding the questions. However, you may want to just 'sort it out' yourself.

This 'risk profiler assessor' is provided by OnePath for investors in its excellent SIL KiwiSaver fund.  When you work through this, have a think about what the meanings are of the questions, and how they relate to you.  If you want to double check the result, check out the questions at sorted

When you have finalised your risk profile, compare this to where your KiwiSaver funds are actually invested.  If you need to change the risk profile, contact your adviser, or your KiwiSaver provider and they will assist you with the paperwork.

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