Why do smokers pay so much more for insurance cover? - [video]

One of the more enjoyable things that we get to do in our role as insurance advisers, is to tell people how much their insurance premiums have dropped when they can sign a declaration that they have not smoked for 12 months.

For some people, the reduction in their premiums can be up to half.

It is well known that smoking is a habit and an addiction, and Governments throughout the world are working hard to put in place dis-incentives to smoking, particularly through banning smoking in public places and increasing the price of cigarettes and tobacco so much that it becomes uneconomic to continue to smoke.

The interesting thing is that all the warnings on packages may be having some effect.  This brilliant video from Thailand shows that adults know the risks of smoking.


If you have given up smoking and have insurance cover in place, now is a great time to review your insurance cover and reduce those premiums.  It is a good time to check out whether you have the most appropriate and extensive cover for you in place.  To get updated information on the options available to you, contact us at insure@moneyworks.co.nz, or fill in a form to get a free market analysis.

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By Carey Church


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