Income Protection - Jacqui's story - [Video]

With thanks to Jacqui and ANZ (Australia) - in New Zealand ANZ owns OnePath Life, who is a company that Moneyworks recommends regularly.  The contact details at the end of the video are for Australia.

Jacqui's Story - click here to watch the video

As she says, although she has income protection, she had no plans to use it, and she didn't know how to use it initially.  That is the role of the adviser, we are there to help you sort that out.  Also, she only had a 2 year benefit period.  At Moneyworks, we strongly recommend that you take a benefit payable to age 65 or age 70, not 2 years if you can afford it.

As the video says, Jacqui is going to be unwell for some time, so if a 2 year benefit is all that you think you can afford, we would recommend adding on some other insurance cover to get your insurance $ working as well as possible for you.

To get more information, contact us by emailing insure@moneyworks.co.nz, or filling in the 'get quotes and market analysis' form on our website.

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By Carey Church



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