Should you have health insurance cover?

Health insurance is a funny thing.  We are often approached by people who only want to know about health insurance, so that when they are faced with medical bills, they can go to the insurer to get those bills covered.  Its a funny thing, because we regularly find that people want health insurance - but aren't interested in having income protection or trauma insurance.

We believe that health insurance is good to have.  But generally only after you make sure that if you are unable to work because of ill-health or injury, that you will have a continuing income from an income protection insurance policy.  Or alternatively, if you are diagnosed with a traumatic illness or injury, that you will get a lump sum payout that will give you financial security from a trauma insurance policy.

After all, if you are sick and need health insurance, what is the point of having a policy that is only valid if you can pay the premiums... and if you don't have an income or the financial security to keep the policy in place, then what is the point of having only health insurance.

Health insurance is definitely valuable - and for people who are financially secure (no debts, enough money in the bank to not work for a number of years) - then they don't necessarily need other insurances as well.

But, for lots of people, make sure that you have some income protection insurance, trauma insurance and where applicable life insurance in place first, before you commit to spending on health insurance cover.

Even then, for most people health insurance cover that covers the major hospital costs and possibly specialists costs is probably the most relevant insurance cover for you.  There are some good insurers that provide good quality cover, and we can research this for you and let you know the options and costs for you, with different levels of excesses.

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