Yes Health Insurance really does work!

There are a number of health insurers in New Zealand and they work in different ways.  Most people these days are after health insurance cover that covers them for the costs of major hospital costs and specialists costs.

Many people have Southern Cross insurance in place - that they have put in place through their work.  With health insurance, it is important to get the best cover available to you at the time, as it is extremely difficult to move insurers if your health changes.

Moneyworks recommend a number of other insurers, but it is good to see that people are successful in having claims through Southern Cross.

This article about Southern Cross's payments last year shows how much surgery can cost.  $160,000 for spinal surgery, another spinal surgery cost $151,000 and $100,000 was paid out for a larynx removal.

Cancer, heart disease and spinal conditions were the causes of the highest health insurance claims paid by the association.

All of the patients who made the top 10 highest claims were aged over 64. The oldest was 76.

Insurer pays out $160,000 for surgery

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