Dumb Ways to Die - [video and poll]

None of us want to die, or to think about dying, but if we have to die, wouldn't it be cool to die in some weird way?

Check out these new and interesting 'dumb ways to die' in this promotional video clip.  This was made by Melbourne Metro Transit to warn people about the dangers of the rail system.

When you've watched it, go to our Facebook Page and vote in our poll - about your favourite dumb way to die.

If we haven't listed your favourite way to die, then send us a message telling us why you would prefer a different way to die!

Of course, we all die sometime, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of life insurance cover in place for you - so if you need an insurance checkup - contact us by emailing contact@moneyworks.co.nz.

If you have any thoughts or opinions that you would like to share, visit us at our Twitter, Facebook or Linked In pages, and comment.



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