$112 million - going going.... Is any of it yours?

Every couple of years, the IRD contacts the media and they run a story like the one below.

As our goal is to help all our clients to achieve their goals asap, if you have the opportunity to 'find' funds that you might have 'lost' we encourage you to do this.

Where did the money come from?

• Those who have not used a cheque or savings account for more than six years.

 • Those who have stopped making payments on a life insurance policy.

• Those who have moved without leaving a forwarding address.

• Executors of deceased estates.

If you think you could have some money owed to you - it's easy - contact IRD at

They can email Inland Revenue at unclaimed.monies@ird.govt.nz or write to Unclaimed Monies, Inland Revenue, P O Box 38222, Wellington Mail Centre.  You will have to prove who you are to get the money -but best luck in the mean time!

IRD sits on $112m of your cash

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By Carey Church


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