KiwiSaver Statistics and information

KiwiSaver really is a part of our life in New Zealand.  We thought the following information and statistics were interesting, and decided to share them with you.  Most of this information is from Morningstar Research as at 31/12/2014.

How much was invested?
KiwiSaver total funds invested:  $25,233,000 ($25 billion)
New investments in the quarter to 31/12/2014:  $1,845,000

How many options are there?
Number of KiwiSaver Providers:  16
Number of KiwiSaver funds/products:  141

What were the returns?
Highest Balanced Fund return for the 5 years to 31/12/2014 per annum: 10.10% pa
Lowest Balanced Fund return for the 5 years to 31/12/2014 per annum: 6.10% pa
NOTE - that is 4.00% pa return each year difference between the highest and lowest return.

How much are other people saving?
Almost 2/3rds of people saving into KiwiSaver are saving the minimum contribution - 3% of their income.  28% are saving at 4% and only 6% are saving at 8% of their income.

Where is the money invested?
52.9% of all KiwiSaver savings are invested in Income Assets, leaving 47.1% in Growth assets.
$6,321,000 is invested with ANZ/OneAnswer KiwiSaver and $4,708,000 with ASB KiwiSaver

$7,001,600 is still invested in 'default' KiwiSaver schemes, where it is automatically transferred - where investors have not chosen a KiwiSaver provider.
There are 9 Default providers, four new providers were appointed last year.

How big is KiwiSaver compared to all the money invested by retail investors in New Zealand funds?
KiwiSaver has $25,233,000 invested compared to the total funds invested of $53,301,000.  This means that  KiwiSaver makes up 47.3% of retail investments.  Retail means that this doesn't include the investments of the NZ Super Fund, but it does include all the Cash and Term Deposit PIE investments.


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