Moving Office - Going Virtual

Since 2002, Moneyworks have provided services to our clients from a lovely office at 23 Noni Street in Turangi.

Our advisers have spent much time travelling and 'on the road'. Since Moneyworks was established in 1997, we have communicated with our clients by email. Technology has always been a core part of the way that we work.

But, times change. As technology has become more advanced, we have realised that we don't all have to be based in one location.  Our Mortgage and Insurance specialist, Paul Swarbrick is based in Auckland.

When Mereana (who has been with Moneyworks for 8 years) moved to the Hawkes Bay in late 2014 for family reasons, we started re-assessing our business model and how we work.  Karol (who has been with us for 10 years), was planning on moving to Taupo for personal reasons, and Carey and Peter are moving to live in Cambridge.

Rather than starting again with new people, we decided to harness the technology that now exists and turn ourselves into a 'virtual office'.  Our accountancy firm, beany.biz have been doing this for a number of years and were able to assist us.

We spent the first five months of this year working out how to do everything without seeing each other on a regular basis.  We think we have nailed it, but apologies for any communications that might have fallen through the gaps (we think there are only a couple, thanks for your patience.)  When the office building was sold, we needed to move everything.

It was a long two days of hauling files and office furniture into storage, giving items away to the local hospice and cleaning out the office. Thanks to Karol, Mereana and friends for their unstinting support and assistance on the Friday (in continual rain).

Part of the new virtual office was upgrading our website at www.moneyworks.co.nz.  It also involved buying more scanners, and printers, and upgrading our Client Relationship Management system, so that it is accessible anywhere.

We will be asking you in future if you would like us to share your Annual Review with you by Google Drive or Dropbox - which will ensure confidentiality.

Carey and Peter are building in Cambridge, so won't be moving until late 2016, but we have a Cambridge address as our registered office now.

All phone numbers, emails and postal addresses remain the same.

If you have any thoughts or opinions that you would like to share, visit us at our Twitter, Facebook or Linked In pages, and comment.

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