How much do you know about your country?

At Moneyworks, our advisers spend a lot of time reading information on the economic and investment situation and outlook.  This involves reading and understanding what is happening with different statistical measures in New Zealand, as well as having a knowledge of the general trends internationally.

This helps us understand what is likely to happen with future investment trends and assists us in giving you investment advice.  In recent weeks, the Guardian newspaper published a fascinating questionnaire, where you can see how much you understand about your country.  (The New Zealand Herald posted the New Zealand version here.) Here is the NZ Heralds commentary on how 'ignorant' us New Zealanders are.

I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes to work through the questionnaire. The more people that complete these questionnaires, the better the quality of the comparative information is . The results (shown after you have completed each question), show 1. Your response 2. What other people in your country think and 3. What the actual statistic is.

I am pleased to say that I got at least two correct!!

Most people around the world are pretty bad when it comes to knowing the stats behind the news. Ipsos surveyed people in 33 countries around the world on issues ranging from immigration to obesity - how does your knowledge compare to theirs?

The Guardian Questionnaire (where you can choose countries other than New Zealand).

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