Beautiful Dancing and Great Music

I was going to write an indepth article on insurance churning (which has been topical in the media for the last few weeks), but... its been a long year, and I wanted to watch this beautiful dancing again.

So - I'm taking the easy way out and sharing this with you instead! I hope that you enjoy it at east 1/10th as much as I did. I will share thoughts on churning next year.

Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Simply Slays Hozier's 'Take Me To Church'

What happens when you combine the talents of Russia's ballet bad boy Sergei Polunin, Irish gospel luminary Hozier and photography pop wizard David LaChapelle? Apparently, a whole lot of angsty, sexy, beautiful dancing ensues.

Sergei Polunin was the Royal British Ballets principal dancer at the age of 20.

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