Use a 2 minute Super Hero pose – and increase your confidence!

Most of us know that your ‘body language’ can be read, with several TV series using an understanding of body language cues to tell when people are uncomfortable or telling lies.

For many years, you have been able to attend training courses to learn about what your body language says about you and how to interpret what other people are thinking. While these courses can be powerful and some of the messages stay with us, the recent research into body language is uncovering even more powerful information.

Amy Cuddy is a Professor and Research at Harvard Business School and has discovered that you can change other

people’s perceptions – and even our own body chemistry – simply by changing body positions.

A simple technique that she has discovered is that by standing in the ‘Super Hero’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ pose for 2 minutes before a meeting or presentation, changes your body chemistry, gives you more testosterone and can increase your confidence.

I heard an interview on National Radio with Amy Cuddy which I found fascinating, and followed up by watching the 21 minute TED talk (Which is the second most watched TED talk). I have shared this with you below.

Amy Cuddy TED Talk on Body Language (21 minutes)

Amy Cuddy National Radio interview with Lynn Freeman (27 minutes)


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