New Zealanders are Fat and in Denial About it, Says Survey

Independent research conducted for the annual Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score found that of the study comparing 11 countries New Zealanders were not only the chubbiest, but were "wildly off the mark" in estimating how fat they were.

"I think it's normal to be overweight now," New Zealand Nutrition Foundation dietitian Sarah Hanrahan said. "More than half the population is overweight. You will see more overweight than you will see within the normal weight range, and in some parts of town it will be even more than that."

Those surveyed who reported enjoying watching rugby were statistically fatter than the average person. The figures are from the annual Cigna 360° Wellbeing Score survey, with a sample size of 1000 New Zealanders, 50/50 male/female, various ages from 25+.

Some of the surveys top insights include:

  • New Zealand’s overall health and well-being score was 62.7, slightly below the average score across all countries surveyed of 63.4.
  • 44% rated overall health and wellbeing as excellent or very good.
  • The highest health and well-being score was achieved by those in the 25-29 age bracket (49%), this falls to 40% from 40 and stays there.
  • Family health and wellbeing is the most important to new Zealanders at 50%, this is followed by physical wellbeing at 40%
  • Spending time with family was the most important for those aged 50+
  • More than half of Kiwis have juice and almost 30% of Kiwis have fizzy drinks in their fridges.
  • Cancer was rated the greatest health concern, ahead of debilitating illnesses, heart disease, and depression
  • Contrary to popular belief, just 5% drank alcohol daily; this was highest among 60+ at 14%. Almost half drink alcohol at least once a week, averaging 3.5 standard drinks per session.
  • An average of 34 hours a week are spent on digital activities (internet browsing, social networking, email, online video, gaming and online shopping) compared to Thai people who spend an average of 54 hours per week.
  • New Zealand had the highest percentage of overweight and obese people out of all countries surveyed.

New Zealanders are Fat and in Denial About it, Says Survey 
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By Carey Church



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