It is 2017 - where have we come from?

Its amazing to think that we are now 16 full years through the 21st Century.

Looking back to the 20th Century, 100 years ago at the start of 1917, the world was in the middle of World War 1 - or the Great War.

Although New Zealand allowed women to vote in 1893, women and coloured people were still disenfranchised at the start of 1917. Women got the vote in the USA in 1920, and in the UK in 1928.

JFK (John F Kennedy) was born on May 29th 1917.

In October of 1917, the Russian Bolshevik Revolution took place.

The technological innovations that were created during WW1 included: Sanitary Napkins, Mobile XRay machines as well as Pilotless Drones (Now commonly referred to as UAS - Unmanned Aerial Systems.) Also coming to prominence during WW1 were Tanks, and Air Traffic Control systems.

Cars existed, but were far from commonplace. 

Telephones were still a novelty and people had to learn how to use them.

What about 50 years ago - in 1967?  what was happening then?

The Vietnam War, JFK had been assassinated in 1963, women had the vote and were starting to become more empowered.  WW2 had provided a taste of employment, before the 1950's reminded women of their place in the home.

The USA was the leader of the Free World.  Consumerism and Industrialisation were in full force, as well as a lack of tolerance for anyone who was different.  Racism proliferated throughout the world (including in New Zealand), people with disabilities were not provided for, orphanages and insane asylums still existed.

Cars were prolific and a key household asset.  Televisions and phones were ubiquitous and people couldn't imagine life without them.

What about now?

Technology is essential to our day to day life now, and the evolution of technology is accelerating at a logarithmic rate.  Things like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are likely to be part of my everyday life (as long as I live for another 20 or so years.) Technology simplifies procedures, purchasing paths - while complicating our lives as we grapple with continual upgrades and changes that the developers think we need.

Our social environment is far more understanding, a baseline of equal rights for all types of people is assumed, regardless of sexuality, race or disability. We don't house people in institutional buildings any longer, they become part of society (there are still arguments about whether we are doing the best for our people with mental illnesses however.)

The world had changed exponentially in the last 100 years and the last 50 years, and it will continue to change at a faster and faster rate.

As your financial advisers, we need to keep up to date with these developments and how they impact on your wealth and your privacy and security, as well as the future investments, and returns of your funds.

We continually learn and research the impact of this change on our society and on you.  We will keep you up to date with our learnings and the impact on your portfolios and financial strategies.

2017 is going to be an exciting year.If you have any thoughts or opinions that you would like to share, visit us at our Twitter, Facebook or Linked In pages, and comment.


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