What does the internet know about you?

It's no surprise that the internet collects a great deal of information about all of us.  As well as knowing what your risks are with cyber security and taking steps to protect yourself, it is important to understand what your privacy settings are.

There are a number of ways that you can check what the internet knows about you - we have given you some links below.

What every browser knows about you' - Find out what your browser knows about you 

here,  ' This is a demonstration of all the data your browser knows about you. All this data can be accessed by any website without asking you for any permission.
Most of the data points are educated guesses and not considered to be accurate.

'How to see everything Google knows about you' - Check out what Google has on you 


What Does Your Phone Know About You? More Than You Think' - While you're at it, have a look at what your iPhone knows about you 

here. '

'Clean up your online presence' - If you're a Gmail user, you might like 

this clever tool too.

This data collecting and sharing has become so ubiquitous that 

many people do not expect online privacy.

But if you'd like a little more privacy, there are some simple steps you can take (outlined 



By Carey Church


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