Confuddling and confusing the scammers

I have a system now for my spam and scammers, I have a well trained inbox that sends my spam straight into it (and every now and then something that isn’t spam).  About 3 times a day (if I am in the office all day), I check it to make sure that something didn’t accidentally get in there and delete everything else.

It is a pain, but it is better than the alternative, clicking on something by mistake and being harassed.

We posted a funny TED talk some time ago, about a comedian who decided to take on the spammers, which you can find by clicking here.

Now, NetSafe has taken a leaf from that book, and provided you with a tool to confuddle and confuse the spammers.

Send your spam to them at rescam.org and they will send them an endless list of emails from their different artificial intelligence personalities, engaging them in conversations and annoying and making them waste time.


Even if you don’t send your scam emails to me@rescam.org, check out their website, it is a delight.


By Carey Church


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