What is your money personality?

Understanding how you interact with money will help you with managing your money - whether by yourself or working with a life partner.

Sorted has money personality quiz, that it is worth taking the time to complete.  Check it out at Sorted Money Personality Quiz.

I completed the quiz to see how realistic I thought it was - and am pretty comfortable with my results. Of course, they are influenced by the fact that I live and breathe the world of money and finance and talk to people about money all the time.  Here are my results:

Sound controller  

The title we felt best fitted you was Sound Controller. When it comes to money matters you are extremely stable, thorough, reliable, hardworking, careful with detail, diligent, practical, precise, logical, dependable, sensible, orderly, steady, persevering, dutiful, sound, thoughtful, responsible, structured, orderly, realistic and decisive.

The quiz then provides the following information for each money personality:

Money Tips

What is 'your money personality'

Detailed Summary

I recommend that you take the few minutes to answer these questions (some of them are a little tricky as they are only binary options) and then think about what that means for you and achieving your goals.  If you have a life partner, why don't you both do the quiz and then discuss any similarities and differences and the Money Tips that are recommended.

This could provide a good starting point for a discussion with each other about your money and how it works.

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