5 tips on how to be better with money in 2018

The start of the year is the time of New Year Resolutions, and we all know how easy those are to break.

So instead, why not take this time and change the way that you deal with your money?

One of the tricks that our clients have - is that by working with us each year, they have an annual check in - and an accountability to themselves, through that annual review meeting with us. 

We are really just the facilitator of the discussion of where they are up to.  A formal excuse to concentrate on their money for that week of the year.

Of course, if anything happens in the financial, investment or economic environment during the year - then we will let them know that they need to think about that issue, and possibly do something about it.

So, how can you be better with your money this year?

1. Save a little extra money each week.

This could be as simple as setting up an automatic payment from your every day account into a separate savings account - it might just be $20 each pay.

Or - it could be by increasing the percentage that you contribute to KiwiSaver.

Or - increasing your savings into your investment portfolio, or adding a direct debit for a monthly amount into your KiwiSaver.

2. Figure out your retirement savings goals

This is a key thing that we do with our clients in their financial plan and on an ongoing basis as we work with them every year.

But if you are a DIY person, we have developed an e-book that you can download.  Click here and we will email it to you.

3. Look at ways you can make yourself more efficient around the home.

This could be getting someone to mow your lawns - for us it has ended up much cheaper - as our lawn mower person has a ride on mower, and it frees us up to work or do other things.

Work out how much you are spending on food each week.  Are you buying food at the last minute without a plan?  Maybe using My Food Bag would be a good solution for you.  After a year of using this service, I am convinced that it not only saves me time (and I don't have to work out what is for dinner every day), but I am convinced that it is cost effective for us to do it.

4. Write a financial to-do list (and actually do it)

5. Take that step and start working with a financial planner to help you take control of your future.

If you aren't already working with Moneyworks, then this might be the time to book in a free 45 minute Financial Strategy Session, to see if there is any value in us working together, to map out your future. Click here to arrange a session.

By Carey Church



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