So... how long are YOU going to live for?

Many of my parents friends are in their mid 80’s and only now starting to suffer from illnesses.  These people were born in the late 1920’s and during the 1930’s, when life was different, getting chores done was far more physical than today and medical care was not as developed as now.  Yet, they are continuing to thrive, many for a lot longer than they anticipated.

As we learn more about health and fitness, and nutrition, we are likely to live for longer (even with the counterbalancing factors of pollution and other environmental issues).

With the help of my Dad, (who calculated he will live to be 88.1, I will live to be 88.2 and my sisters will live to be as old as 88.4), we have two longevity illustrator tools for you to interact with.

They are worth playing around with – it will give you an idea of how long you should be planning for your money to last.

If you are ready to sit down and get a better idea of how long your money will last, and you would like to sit down with us for a meeting – contact us by email at contact@moneyworks.co.nz and we will arrange a video meeting or face to face meeting depending on where you are located.

The first one is a New Zealand calculator and is purely statistical based on your date of birth.   Statistics NZ How long will I live calculator

The second report is good to play around with – I decided to put in the age that I turn this year, as it projects the probability of how long you will live from that age.

USA Actuaries Longevity illustrator

This report gives you three tables:

  1. Probability of Living to Certain Age









2. The chance of your survival from a particular age









3. Probability of Living for a specified number of years.










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