It wasn't my fault - why do I have to claim? (With thanks to Bridges Insurance)

At Moneyworks, we aren't fire and general insurance specialists, but it is our job to make sure that our clients understand the issues that they have to think about in relation to these types of insurances (car, house, contents etc).  We work with Bridges Insurance Brokers personally, and have referred a number of our clients to work with Bridges.  This is an article from a recent newsletter of Bridges.

It wasn't my fault - why do I have to claim?

Accidents happen every day and they can be incredibly stressful – or less so, and in this article, we are going to show you how you can reduce the stress and time required in dealing with accidents and any subsequent claims.

If you have ever been on the wrong end of an incident with damage caused by another party that wasn’t your fault, we can certainly understand how you might feel aggrieved.

Time wasted contacting their insurer, waiting endlessly until your damage is repaired and sometimes at a lesser amount that you had anticipated...

For example:

"A car crashes into your fence. You have lived there for 15 years and suddenly your fence is splintered and in disarray across your front lawn. Not your fault... or your fences!

The driver gives you his Motor Vehicle insurer’s details and you contact them immediately believing you are doing the right thing to advise them of the damage. You send photos to support your claim

& then you wait...."

As experienced Brokers, we suggest you DON’T DO THIS and instead call us because there is a more seamless and less stressful process:

By claiming off your own Home/Contents Policy, you are more likely to have the claim settled faster and with less stress – here is why:

  • Remember if you are dealing with the other parties Insurer – you are not their ‘client’ so your interests won’t be at the forefront of their priorities. Their Vehicle Insurer is going to focus on the lowest cost option to fix your damaged fence and only to the market and/or depreciated value. If your fence is 15 years old, that’s what the claim will be valued at... a 15-year-old fence.
  • The benefit in claiming on your Home/Contents Policy is knowing you will be able to have your fence repaired fully and properly under the full replacement terms of the Policy. It is likely to happen a lot faster as you are the client in this case. Your Insurer will seek recovery from the other parties’ insurer, however, you don’t need to concern yourself with this – your fence is fixed and life has moved on.

For more information - contact Bridges by clicking here chris@bridges.co.nz or phoning

07 839 7880
0508 BRIDGES (274 3437).


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