Walking the Talk - Moneyworks new Wellness Coach and Mobile Fitness Trainer - Sally Mellor

When we meet with our clients we spend most of our time talking about what has happened in the last year, and how clients are going in terms of reaching their goals.  One of the main goals for our clients is having a financially comfortable retirement.

As a consequence, we worked out that we do is - 'Help get you to and through retirement'.

While we arrange the financial solutions for people to achieve those goals, we also spend a lot of time discussing health and wellbeing with our clients and how those factors will impact on achieving their goals.

Carey and Peter have worked with Sally Mellor as a Fitness Coach for 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 years respectively, where Sally has worked one on one with each of them with their fitness twice a week.

While the practical impact of the sessions was strength, flexibility, balance and fitness, the outcome of the sessions with Sally also covered our nutrition and mental well-being.

When the opportunity arose to ask Sally to join our team as a Wellness Coach to all our team and their family in August, we jumped at the opportunity.

Sally and her husband Andrew are also long term Moneyworks clients, and when we developed the role of Wellness Coach, it neatly fitted in with our goal of 'helping you get to and through retirement'.

In addition to working half time with the Moneyworks team and their family, Sally is also making her services available through Moneyworks to personal clients.  As a special offer to Moneyworks clients in the Waikato/Raglan areas, Sally is available to work with you at subsidised rates on your Wellness and Fitness.  If you would like to know more, email us at contact@moneyworks.co.nz for more information, or discuss how it could work with your adviser.

Sally will also be writing a Wellness Newsletter every three months that we will send to you - please don't hesitate to let us know if you don't want a copy.

Sally Mellor - sally@moneyworks.co.nz

Wellness Coach & Mobile Fitness Trainer

Originally from the UK and now proud to be a Kiwi, Sally is a qualified exercise professional and Oov accredited trainer, with over 7 years experience in the fitness industry. Every year Sally undergoes professional development to keep her armed with the most up to date information.

Spending her life participating in sport & with a thirst for understanding the best training methods & programming for each discipline along the way, Sally has had a hand in devising training schedules for various teams & codes, coaching running groups from ‘couch to 5k’, 10k & half marathons, coaching juniors at kayaking & for a time teaching children with disabilities to swim.

Sally has also worked with teams & individuals to compete in events, including Rowing, Iron Man, Running, Equestrian Games, Gymnastics, Cycling & Netball. As well as sport specific programming for both Running – 5k, 10k, Half Marathons , Marathons & cycling events.

Having an exercising husband with insulin dependent diabetes, Sally also has a hands on knowledge of dealing with this challenging condition. She also has experience in training individuals with Multiple Sclerosis & Downs Syndrome. Working alongside allied professionals, Sally has been instrumental in assisting recovery for various surgeries & injuries, including a head injury, breaks, strains & soft tissue damage.

For Sally, it’s all about the client & their goals. Her over-riding priority is to keep clients safe whilst empowering people to create sustainable change, within a supportive environment at their pace working towards a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Sally walks the talk and won’t ask anyone to do anything she’s not 100% sure they can do and never asks anything of anyone that she’s not done or prepared to do herself. She is an expert at designing measurement and goal setting plans, armed with ample sports & life experience to help support you to smash your goals!

As well as running her own mobile fitness training business, Sally works on the team at Moneyworks, as their inhouse Wellness Coach – helping the Moneyworks team, their families and clients to get to and through retirement.

Sporting Life Experience:


Swimming (representing her town),



National level road Sidecar racing – as the passenger

Rowing for both Derby & Nottingham & Union Rowing clubs in the UK

Competitive Running at club level

Touch Rugby


Waka Ama

Dragonboat at National championship level




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