Online Relationship Break-Up Tool

The Ministry of Justice has released an online collection of information for people navigating a relationship break up.

It says while it has had a lot of helpful information on its website, it has been told it could be overwhelming.

"We took a look at how we were presenting information to people navigating a relationship break up and came up with a more individualised approach.

"The new tool acts like a funnel. People select the topics that are important to them and can then delve deeper into these things. This recognises that a break up is not a linear process. People take their own pathway and go at their own pace, which can mean visiting the website many times over an extended period. The tool makes sure that they aren’t overwhelmed by all the information at once."

The ministry says a new "to do" list lets people make, save, or share a list so they can pick up where they left off each time they come back to the website.

"And because we know that people are grappling with much more than legal processes we have included links to help people access emotional support, legal support, support with family violence, as well as cultural and language support."

Everyone experiences a relationship break up differently. If you’re separating or have separated, there are things you might need to sort out. This could include making a parenting plan for child custody arrangements, applying (filing) for a divorce, or sorting out shared money or property.

You might need to talk to specialist services, attend mediation, fill in forms or go to the Family Court. Call 111 if you're in immediate danger of family violence. 


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