No more cheques - technology has taken over

No more cheques - technology has taken over

You may be aware that I am quite a fan of technology and adapt technological advances (in the belief that it will make my life easier, but we all know that technology brings its own challenges - it is always nice when it just works smoothly).

Two months ago I destroyed all the cheque books that had been sitting at the bottom of my drawer unused for years as I prefer to use the phone app or online system for electronic payments.

However, I am aware that many people are still more comfortable using cheques. Unfortunately the days of writing out a cheque are quickly coming to an end. Whilst NZ Post was one of the first organisations to phase out cheques, everyone has now signalled an end to accepting cheques.

Here is a schedule for your reference, and if you haven't made the shift yet, your bank should be quite helpful in teaching you how to carry out transactions without that bit of paper.


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