Our new look

Our new look

The Moneyworks logo has been in lower case since 2005, and was green and orange from 2005 - 2015.  From 2015 we changed the logo up, adding the circular logo and swapping green for brown.

With the new focus on the ethical components of investing, life and our business, we have returned to the green - and over the next year we will be introducing all our clients to the ethical approach to investing.

At the same time we will be making some formal changes within our business to track and offset our emissions (where possible) and doing some other things that we find exciting that we will share with you in 2023.

Many thanks to those clients that gave us some feedback on the different logos that we were testing (sorry it was all a bit close to the end of the year!). We hope that you like the new logo.

We will be updating our new website to reflect the changes over the next 6 months and will let you know when the new look website is ready to go!

We will be transitioning the brand, in the spirit of sustainability, so we will still be using the orange logo on our Confidential Stickers and some other things and will replace them with the green when stocks are used up.


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