Financial Education

Financial Education - Workplace Seminars, Monthly Newsletters and Blog Articles

Financial Literacy and understanding how money works is a key to success.  Research shows that financial stress is a key contributor to relationship stress and breakdown, and contributes to under performance in the workplace.  

New Zealand is no exception to the international statistics of low financial literacy.

This is why Moneyworks has financial education as a core of our offering to our clients and the community of people who subscribe to our monthly financial planning education newsletter.

We work with our clients to understand what is happening with their money, their KiwiSaver, Investments and Insurances, and to make sure that they are as involved in the decision making as they want to be.  We encourage questions.

Apart from our ongoing relationship with our clients and their financial education, the two key offerings that we have are our financial seminars and our monthly email newsletters. 

The monthly newsletters are created from our monthly blog articles - around three new articles each month. We have the blog articles since January 2013 on this website.

 Check out more information on these below. 


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