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Financial Advice

How risky are your investments?
Will your money last as long as you will?
Will you achieve your goals?
Do you lose sleep worrying about whether your investments are safe?

At Moneyworks, we know that your money is important to you. We know that not losing your money is really important to you.

When you work with Moneyworks, we aim to really understand how you feel about risk. After completing a risk profiler, we have a discussion with you about how achievable your goals are and finalise a relevant risk profile for you.

At our extensive annual review meeting each year, we focus on your goals and objectives and progress towards achieving those goals.  We check that your risk profile and the investments that you have are ones that you are comfortable with.

We start with the assumption that all your investments are in Government Stock, and look at the return you could get from that.

Then we build up the other investments, referencing their potential risk and potential return to the SAFE Government Stock.

We tell you about all the information we are getting, and you have access to all of it – so that you can choose how involved you get in managing your investments.

But most importantly – we listen to you.

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