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October 2019 Newsletter

Three important articles this month on different topics.  Let your adviser know any questions.
1. Permanent or Temporary Loss of your Capital
2More changes for rental property owners and tenants
3. Permanent or Temporary Loss of your Capital

September 2019 Newsletter

We welcome a new team member to Moneyworks this month – Sally Mellor, as well as helping our team and their families with their Wellness, her services are also available to our clients in the Waikato and Raglan regions at a subsidised rate through Moneyworks.

We also cover issues with New Zealand Super that you need to be aware of, and why you need to claim when something happens on your Fire & General Insurance – even if it wasn’t your fault.  And finally a good change to KiwiSaver to enable people with life-shortening illnesses or disabilities to access their KiwiSaver funds earlier.

Regards,  Carey, Peter, Paul, Melanie & Sally.

1. Walking the Talk – Moneyworks new Wellness Coach and Mobile Fitness Trainer – Sally Mellor
2. Understanding New Zealand Superannuation and noting the pitfalls
3. It wasn’t my fault – why do I have to claim? (With thanks to Bridges Insurance)
4. Changes to KiwiSaver Act to enable people with life -shortening congenital condition to access KiwiSaver funds before age 65

August 2019 Newsletter

We have covered some insurance expenses and extended warranty costs that probably aren’t worth you spending money on this month, and also shared some of the information that we study when making your investment recommendations.

1. Junk Insurances – available at your local bank and retailer
2. Should you buy those extended warranties?
3. Global Predictions for share of GDP = Asia the powerhouse

July 2019 Newsletter

This is a bits and bobs newsletter.  Little bits of information that are relevant to your financial planning.  Hopefully one or two things resonate with you.

1. Over 65 year olds can join KiwiSaver
2. ANZ further reduces fees for our clients
3. IRD have more measures to check on home sellers, to make sure that they aren’t avoiding the brightline tax test
4. What you need to know about EQC changes (thanks to Bridges)

June 2019 Newsletter

This month we have a range of financial planning related topics – whether you should guarantee your children’s house purchase (or anything for that matter!), why you should have income protection insurance and a look at the regime of credit scores and what it means for people in China.

1. Should you ‘go guarantor’ to help your children buy into their first home – the Mum & Dad Bank.
2. Big Brother and China’s ‘dystopian credit scores’

3. Why bother having income protection insurance?

May 2019 Newsletter

1.  KiwiSaver fees are falling
2. Should you have health insurance?
3.  Esports are a rising phenomenon

April 2019 Newsletter

We are covering tax rates, house & contents insurance and more requirements for landlords this month.

REMINDER: From 1st April 2019 you can contribute to KiwiSaver at 6% or 10% of your income as well as 3%, 4% or 8%.  Is this a good time to increase your payments?

1. It’s risky if your tax rates aren’t correct
2. More requirements for landlords
3. When getting insurance for your house contents becomes a problem.

4. Upcoming KiwiSaver changes

March 2019 Newsletter

Technology is impacting all sectors of life & there are risks to people seeking new insurance cover when insurance companies can use your information.

In this newsletter we look at three topics relating to technology and insurers:

1. What might happen in the future with insurance cover and the use of artificial intelligence
2. Insurance and DNA Testing
3. Wearable Devices and Insurance

February 2019 Newsletter

Our focus this month is on changes to New Zealand Taxation return filing,  renting out your property on Airbnb, then a quick look at a commentary from Carl Richards on ‘how to talk about money’.
If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact your adviser.

1. Changes to Tax Returns, automatic assessments from 01/04/2019
2. Thinking of renting out your property on Air Bnb or Book a Bach? – Issues to consider
3. How to talk about money (Carl Richards – The New York Times)

January 2019 Newsletter

For the first time in years, we are seeing some changes to the structure of KiwiSaver, enhancing it for all members.  We have outlined these below – although they still have to be passed through Parliament (anticipated in February/March 2019).

1. Changes to KiwiSaver (proposed and actual)
2. Property Relationships Act – and changes in Society – a review by the Law Commission
3.  #Open Your World – Heineken – Worlds Apart

December 2018 Newsletter

After 9 years of markets generally going up, we have seen the much anticipated correction over recent months.  It can be difficult to deal with this emotionally as an investor, but our job as your adviser, is to remind you that this is normal, needed and things will eventually go up again.  We have given you the great ANZ graph below – that shows how markets do go up – even with the bumps along the way, as a reminder.

I have been writing this newsletter just about every month for 16 years now, and until now and apart from letting you know about the Charity Project – the Cambridge Garden Festival, I haven’t promoted any commercial product.  So, please indulge me by giving you information below on the latest offerings from the revamped website of Carole Hughes Artist – who has been closely involved with Moneyworks since our launch.  They will make great Christmas presents – for yourself or a friend.

Have a wonderful Festive Season and Safe travels over the holidays.

Regards  Carey (and Peter, Paul and Melanie)

1. End of Year Closedown and Christmas Hours
2. History Shows that investment markets rise over time
3. A Christmas Gift? For yourself or a friend?

November 2018 Newsletter

There has been a lot of change in the world of life insurance companies during 2018.  The recent announcement of the sale of the AMP life insurance book to Resolution Capital and the spinning off of AMP’s wealth, KiwiSaver and advice businesses into an IPO in 2019 follows the sale of Sovereign to AIA and of OnePath Life to Cigna earlier in the year.

None of these sales will affect the terms and conditions of your insurance policies directly – as this is a contractual relationship with you.

However, last week Southern Cross Healthcare announced a significant change to their policies for all policyholders, which does impact on your terms and conditions.  The difference is that  ……..

We have summarised what is happening with each deal and situation below.

1. AMP – sale of insurance book to Resolution Life and splitting off of NZ Wealth business
2. Southern Cross Healthcare removal of benefits (and guaranteed policy wording benefits)
3. Sale of Sovereign to AIA and OnePath to Cigna

October 2018 Newsletter

Be very careful and cautious about what you get in the mail please. Keeping your information and money safe is vital to your financial success.  Cyber Security is a huge risk these days, and the phishing and ransomware scams are very sophisticated now.

As our membership clients will know, we consider that reminding our clients of this issue and assisting them to stay safe is a key part of what we do as their financial planner. This newsletter highlights recent developments and issues that you need to be aware of.

Please read these and take action.
1Be very careful and cautious about what you get in the mail please
2. Recent news on various scams in New Zealand
3. Protect your online self
4. Keep calm and carry on

September 2018 Newsletter

Like all financial solutions, the world of Fire and General insurance is continually changing.  This is not an area that we are specialists in at Moneyworks, but it is a key part of our clients financial planning.

This newsletter is dedicated to some of the recent changes to this kind of insurance that you need to be aware of, and is a reminder to know what your insurance covers, and how it works.
1. House, car, contents insurance – important changes and issues you need to know about
2. The shared driveway insurance catch you need to know about
3. Insurers refusing new insurance in certain locations
4. Cambridge Garden Festival

August 2018 Newsletter

This month we are concentrating on things that might impact the value of companies that you invest in.

1. Governance issues with listed companies
 When the boss sells out – NZ Herald
3. A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow (Kate Raworth | TED2018)

July 2018 Newsletter

This month, we are focussing on investing.  It can be hard to keep your nerve when the media is shouting bad news about investments and the economic outlook in their headlines.  But investing for the long term works.  Warren Buffett is the master of long term investing, and this video on the Indian Economic Times is from the 2018 AGM of Berkshire Hathaway, and really ilustrates the long term value of investing.

On that theme, a number of our clients invest for their children and grandchildren, for tertiary study, to assist them with their future, buying a house, or other reasons.  We have outlined how this works for your reference in the second article. Our third article is a light look at how much people would pay to be able to use Google (from the Economist.)

1. Berkshire Hathaway AGM: Warren Buffett shares investing insights
2. Opening an investment for your children or grandchildren
3. How much would you pay to keep using Google?

June 2018 Newsletter

Over the last few months we have had far more than usual queries from our clients about whether they should invest in residential rental property.

This has come about as people see prices of properties soaring throughout the country, and as people own their own home, the thinking is ‘it can’t be that hard, you just buy a property and sit back as the prices go up and you make money’.

We totally understand this perception, so thought it was a good time to update you on the pitfalls of investing in rental property.

The rental property industry is continually changing and as a potential investor you need to be aware of all of these things.  Note – these comments are in no particular order!

1. The challenges of investing in residential rental property
2. Managing your rental property
3. Residential investment property and taxation issues

May 2018 Newsletter

The revelations from the Australian Financial Services Royal Commission have shocked people.  The unethical behaviour (in spite of legislative requirements), the unabashed pursuit of profit at the expense of clients in the main four banks and AMP, and lying to the regulator.

Criminal charges might be laid in Australia, but with the current reforms to the New Zealand Financial Advisory legislation working its way through consultation,  the bias of the current drafts towards the Vertically Integrated Organisations of ASB, ANZ, AMP, BNZ and Westpac are being questioned.

Moneyworks have a transparent relationship with ANZ Wealth, with no quotas or restrictions, we deal with them because they have great products for our clients.  But the mortgage broking side of the banks is driven by quota’s, production requirements and the expectation the we will move  our clients mortgages to fulfil those production quota’s, irrespective of our legal requirement to ‘put the interests of our clients first’.  As a consequence, we have resigned from being a mortgage broker, but have established a relationship with a specialist mortgage broker to assist your cilents.  Read more below.

1. The Financial Services Royal Commission in Australia
2. What does the Australian Financial Services Royal Commission mean for New Zealand?
3. Quota’s, incentives, and Moneyworks withdrawal from offering mortgage advice

April 2018 Newsletter

Travel insurance is vital, a reminder of this to start off the newsletter this month, then a quick look at the role of investment indexes in monitoring investment performance.  Finally a light look at some kids test answers – a bit of a laugh.

1. Travel Insurance is pretty important stuff
2. Global Investment Indexes outnumber Mongolians – what does this mean for monitoring your investments?
3. Are these the best kids test answers ever?

March 2018 Newsletter

Retirement tends to be a common goal for our clients (although some people want to keep working until they drop dead).  But the key thing about having a goal of stopping work and living off your savings as compared to earning an income, is that you need to be healthy to achieve all those goals and dreams.

This newsletter is dedicated to that topic, balancing up future goals with enjoying the present, but making sure that you stay as healthy as possible to enjoy those three stages of retirement.

1. Your health and your financial planning
2. What might your retirement look like – the three stages of retirement
3. So… how long are YOU going to live for?

February 2018 Newsletter

Anything can be big business now, the world has changed.  Our 7th trip to the Australian Tennis Open highlighted how much money there is in ‘superstar’ profile, professional sport and sponsorship.

Mastering social media and a profile appears to be the key (oh, as well as being able to play great tennis).

We have shared our experiences, thoughts and some funny videos relating to tennis belown.

1. Taking a break from reality – the Australian Tennis Open
2. Tennis, Business and Money
3. Some entertaining tennis videos/ads

January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year, hasn’t it been a tumultuous summer weather wise.

For the start of the year, we are looking at the role of money in your relationship.  It is such an important issue and is a major factor in friction and divorce within relationships.

We also give you a link to a quiz to work out your money personality, 5 tips for your finances for 2018 and a financial ‘To-Do’ list.

If you are ready (as a New Year Resolution) to take control of your future, and want to organise a free 45 minute Financial Strategy Session, click here.

For Carey and Peters clients – just to let you know that we are off to watch the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne from Thursday 18th to Thursday 25th January, so will be out of the office.

1.The impact of money on your relationship
2. What is your money personality?
3. 5 tips on how to be better with money in 2018
4. A Financial To-Do List

December 2017 Newsletter

It has been a quick year, I don’t know where it has gone. This month I have shared two recent FMA releases, one is a KiwiSaver analysis tool – that has it’s flaws, but might be of interest to you, and a warning on scams.

We have also given you a tool to deal with those annoying scam emails and of course, outlined our Christmas hours.

Have a great summer break and festive season.

1. Moneyworks Christmas Hours
2. KiwiSaver Tracker Tool from the FMA
3. Make sure that your loved ones ARENT hit by a scam
4. Confuddling and confusing the scammers

November 2017 Newsletter

Why? This is the question that I have continually asked since I was able to speak (much to everyone’s annoyance).  Now we want you to ask Why?  See the great article below (thanks to Carl Richards).
Elder abuse (including financial abuse) is a major issue around the world, we have had a quick look at this topic below, and then some tools for you to see what the internet knows about you.

1. Why?
2. Elder Abuse (including financial abuse)
3. What does the internet know about you?

October 2017 Newsletter

Trustees duties and obligations are clearer and defined in the Trusts Bill currently before Parliament.  Trustees have 18 months after the Bill becomes law to comply.  This is a good time to review the role of any Trust that you are involved with and consider whether it is appropriate for you to continue with it or not.  If you do, it is vital that you are fully aware and compliant with your duties and obligations.

With the 4:48 video from the Economist, we share with you how Money Laundering has actually worked in Brazil.
1. Changes to Trust law – Trust Bill -why do you need to know about this?
2. What are some of the important changes to the Trusts Bill?
3. Corruption, money laundering and Brazil

September 2017 Newsletter

While election season is upon us in New Zealand, the news of natural disasters around the world brings us back to reality.  This newsletter focuses on three topics associated with catastrophes, ‘tweaking’ your claims on an insurance policy (and why it isn’t a good idea), CAT bonds (and why they aren’t a good idea for retail nvestors) and how criminals make money out of disasters.

We hope that these are enlightening for you.
1. Why you shouldn’t ‘tweak’ your insurance claim (it’s not just a little white lie).
2. Catastrophe Bonds – exotic financial instruments
3. How do criminals make money from disasters.

August 2017 Newsletter

We are delighted to introduce our two new team members to you this month, Katherine (Kat) our Operational Support and Process Manager and Melanie, who is our Projects Manager.  They are both on steep learning curves and adding immense value to our business, we have included their profiles below for your reference.

We have also provided you with information on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.  There seems to have been a bit of media coverage of these topics in recent weeks, and some of our clients have been asking us about looking at the idea of investing in cryptocurrencies, so we thought it was time that we shared some information with you.

As always, if this raises any questions that you would like to discuss with your adviser (or if you feel that you are ready to work with Moneyworks on an ongoing advice basis), don’t hesitate to contact us on or 0800 225 621,

1. Katherine (Kat) D’Arcy-Young – Operational Support and Process Manager
2. Melanie Finnie – Projects Manager
3. Investing in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies
4. What is the significance of blockchain?

July 2017 Newsletter

This month our theme is being retired.  In particular, looking at how residential care subsidies work, and an update on the Lifetime Retirement Income annuity financial solution.  I have also added some information on what to do in a terrorist attack (particular when you are travelling overseas).

1. The Residential Care Subsidy – what you need to know
2. Lifetime Retirement Income Update
3. What to do in a terrorist attack

June 2017 Newsletter

When you put in place insurance cover, you are doing so to give you financial protection if something goes wrong.  The last thing you want to happen at that time is for your policy to not pay out because you forgot to tell the insurance company something on the application form.

This month we are focussing on the importance of disclosure – even if you might not think that it is relevant.  This is particularly important for your house/contents/car/boat insurance, where you have an obligation to make any disclosures each year on the anniversary.
1. Non disclosure case studies from the Ombudsman
2. The importance of disclosure on your insurance policy application
3. Putting people in boxes – All that we share.

May 2017 Newsletter

We are looking at the issue of dying and wills, and even making your own coffins this month.  We have a special inspirational video at the end of this newsletter, looking at a father and son who overcome all obstacles to achieve significant milestones together – including completing Ironman events.

1. KiwiSaver and Wills
2. What happens if you die without a will?
3. Making your own coffin – as part of a club – yes it is happening here in New Zealand.
4. Team Hoyt – very inspirational

April 2017 Newsletter

Two thought provoking articles on investments this month, and a look at an innovation in Norway to give people a laugh.

1.Short Termism in investing
2.What the Dow hides at 20,000
3.Monty Python is alive and well, Walk Weird Traffic sign in Norway.

March 2017 Newsletter

We try not to bore you with things like taxation, unfortunately every now and then we think it is important to  remind you of your tax rates, liabilities and obligations.  We have outlined all the potential taxes that you might be liable for below, with a reminder that if you are not sure whether the tax might apply to you or not, that you need to discuss your situation with an Accountant.  We can refer you to an Accountant if you would like some help with your taxes.

Our third post is an interesting video from Al Jazeera from a retired CIA agent, which provides some food for thought.

1. Tax Rates and Taxation Liabilities and Obligations
2. FIF (Foreign Investment Income) and FDR (Fair Dividend Rate) Taxation
3. Former undercover CIA Officer talks War and Peace

February 2017 Newsletter

On the 14th February 1997, Carey set up a financial planning business, in Turangi, with a goal to provide full service financial planning to people aged 35 to 55 and help them to achieve their immediate and long term goals and to keep working with them for the rest of their lives.  20 years later, the business has changed (Careys last name has changed from her maiden name of Hughes, to Peters name of Church), from Church Financial Services to Moneyworks, and at the end of 2016, the business was relocated to its new hub in Cambridge.

We are celebrating this anniversary this month, so we thought we would share our journey with you, and let you know what ‘financial planning’ is all about and let you know what we are up to now.  Thanks for your support.

1. Moneyworks 20th Anniversary
2. What is ‘Financial Planning’?
3. Moneyworks Photos – For our 20th Anniversary, we have shared some of our photos with you – see more by clicking through and looking at the page on our website.
4. What are we doing now?

January 2017 Newsletter

Happy New Year, while we are all waiting for summer to arrive, here is some food for thought to ponder in relation to your financial arrangements.

1. It is 2017 – where have we come from?
2. Still haven’t written your will?
3. 10 Best optical illusions that will blow your mind

December 2016 Newsletter

Thankyou for all your support over 2016, we look forward to working with you again in 2017.

1. Seasons Greetings and Holiday Hours
2. KiwiSaver Home Start Grants and KiwiSaver contribution requirements.
3. KiwiSaver Fees – Cheaper is not always better

November 2016 Newsletter

Changes to tax can lead to unforeseen implications.  The bright line rule that was enacted recently may cause problems for people who purchase a property in one name and settle it or transfer it into a Family Trust later.  We have covered an article on Stuff about this in our first article.  We then look at the what happens when you don’t share all your actual health issues with your doctor and then a quick look at how your loved ones can create new memories.
1. Bright-line tax rule could sting genuine homebuyers
2. One in Five Lie to Their Doctor
3. How would your loved ones create new memories?

October 2016 Newsletter

This month we have some assistance for the procrastinators amongst us with the 5 second rule concept.  We also look at by we want fund managers to ‘eat their own cooking’ and also why ACC isn’t the complete solution for insurance in New Zealand.
1. Why do you want your fund manager to ‘eat their own cooking?’
2. ACC –  not the complete solution
3. The Five Second Rule – beware procrastinators

September 2016 Newsletter

During August we ran two successful seminars in Cambridge and Hamilton, to talk to people about planning for their income in retirement.  We have provided you with information below on the new Lifetime Income financial solution.  It is also timely to look at some of the often forgotten benefits available within your insurance.

And for light relief – a mashup of dancing through the years, set to modern music.

1. Lifetime Income – great new financial solution
2. Special_Events_Increase_Benefit
3. Take a break – its almost as good as a holiday

August 2016 Newsletter

1. KiwiSaver and Ethical Investments
2. Changes to UK Pensions on 1st December 2016
3. Karaoke with James Cordern and Adele

July 2016 Newsletter

This months theme is Tax.  Not a pleasant topic, but an important one.  Two articles, then a bit of light relief.

1. Residential Withholding Tax on offshore persons – could it affect you?
2.  Dodging your tax is a dangerous game.
The Clbuttic Mistake

June 2016 Newsletter

The topic of death and succession planning is one that most people don’t enjoy thinking or talking about.

This is a core part of our role as your financial planner. While we regularly give you information on the role of your insurances, it is important to make sure that your will is valid and will work as you want it to.  There have been a few articles in the media recently which are worth reading, so we have highlighted these for you as the core of this newsletter.

1. Will your children and loved ones receive your assets when you die?
2.Our new Authorised Financial Adviser – Paul Swarbrick
3. John Clarke’s take on Panamanian Tax Trusts

May 2016 Newsletter

With our house being a biggest asset (apart from our ability to earn), it is an important part of our financial strategy.  This week we look at using KiwiSaver ‘second chance’ facilities to buy your first home, and the costs of home maintenance in retirement.
1. KiwiSaver ‘second chance’ first home buyer rules

2. How much do you need to spend on home maintenance in retirement?
3. Preferred News Sources Around the World

April 2016 Newsletter

Insurance companies have been in the news lately, so this month we have a focus on how you make sure your insurance will pay out.  We then end with a quiz on whether you have a photographic memory or not.

1. When cheap insurance may not be the best (Youi controversies)
2. When will your insurance not pay out?
3. Do you have a photographic memory?

March 2016 Newsletter

We have a focus on the new research into Body Language and the benefit of holding a ‘Super Hero’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ pose for 2 minutes before a meeting or presentation.

1. Does your financial adviser really care about your interests?
2.New Zealanders are fat and in denial about it, survey says
3. Use a 2 minute super hero pose – and increase your confidence

February 2016 Newsletter

This month we are revisiting the issue of high risk Fixed Interest investments with a focus on two types of risky investments – Contributory Mortgages and CoCo’s or ‘bank hybrids’.

1. Managing your retirement investment funds – the risks of living off interest from fixed interest investments only
2. Fixed Interest – Risk and Return – Southern Cross Financial Contributory Mortgages (6.50%pa)
3.Fixed Interest – Risk and Return – CoCo’s and bank hybrids

January 2016 Newsletter

If you are a financial adviser, being accused of churning is an insult. However, there can be good and bad churning – the clients best interests is the test.  We review what churning is and how it can be good.

This leads us into reviewing what to look at when reading ‘expert’ research reports, opinions and comments.

Finally, we wrap up with a look at a funny TED talk about what happens when you engage with a spammer.

1. Is Churning a dirty word?
2. No one is interested in your opinion…..
3. This is what happens when you reply to a suspicious email

December 2015 Newsletter

The end of the year already!
This is a light newsletter, where you can participate in a questionnaire and watch some dancing. We have let you know our Close Down dates and when we are back at work, as well.

1. Seasons Greetings and Moneyworks Closing Down period
2. How well do you know your country?
3. Beautiful dancing and music

November 2015 Newsletter

1. How much income do you need in retirement?
2. 11 attributes of successful investment managers [From Magellan – Hamish Douglass]
3. Corruption across the world (in pictures)

October 2015 Newsletter

1. Understanding the NZ Superannuation Rules
2.  Beware online dating scams (particularly if you are a single older woman)
3. Is your KiwiSaver manager making too much profit? Or not enough?

September 2015 Newsletter

Some important information about changes to Property Purchasing rules, and a reminder about how volatility impacts on your portfolio, and how KiwiSaver works.

1. Changes to Property Purchasing Rules from 1st October 2015
2. Volatility and your investment Portfolio
3. Common Misunderstandings about KiwiSaver

August 2015 Newsletter

This month we have two articles looking at the role of assumptions in comparing investments and in planning for your retirement.
Retirement Planning – why assumptions are important
Investment returns – why assumptions are important
Are women bad drivers?

July 2015 Newsletter

1. Investment Turbulence – why financial planning is important
2. Financial Advisers Act – why not make a submission?
3. What does your handwriting say about you?

June 2015 Newsletter

1. The Value of Investment Conferences
2. Moving Office – Vitual Office
3. Milford $1.5m settlement with FMA

April 2015 Newsletter

Some heavy and some light topics this month.

1. Does your funeral matter?
2. KiwiSaver First Home Buyer Opportunities Increased
3. The Worlds Strangest Laws

March 2015 Newsletter

Term Deposits are the flavour of the month in this newsletter, along with an introduction to the revamped Moneyworks image and website.

1. New Moneyworks Website
2. How safe are your New Zealand Term Deposits?
3. How to get the most out of your term deposit investments

February 2015 Newsletter

Getting your investment strategy right can make your life and achieving your goals a lot easier.  In this newsletter we are focussing on KiwiSaver and Syndicated Property Investment Traps, and teaching you the kinds of things to look for when you are choosing an investment.

1. Is your KiwiSaver working for you? How do you know
2. KiwiSaver Statistics and information
3. Syndicated Property Trust failures – remember core financial planning principles

December 2014 Newsletter

An end of year light hearted newsletter.

We will be closed from Friday 19th December, re-opening on Monday 12th January 2015.

1. Moneyworks Holiday Hours

2. Stress Free Holiday Checklist

3. 23 Things to Know about Money before you turn 25 (Actually at any age!)

November 2014 Newsletter

1. Basic rules to consider with your mortgage

2. Are you getting the best deal possible with your mortgage interest rates?

3. Are you having difficulty in borrowing money for your first home?

October 2014 Newsletter

This newsletter is investment and tax themed.

1. Are investors getting too greedy with fixed interest again?

2. Tax refunds, what is the risk that you owe IRD money if you do a tax return?

3. Warren Buffet Investment Quotes