We help you get to and through retirement

By making your money work and sharing our knowledge.

Retirement means different things for different people.

For you, it might be finishing work at age 65 and travelling, gardening and spending time with your grandchildren.

For someone else, it might be changing their job at age 60 to something they have always wanted to do – and working at that job until age 75.

Consequently, how you plan for retirement and how you plan in retirement is different for everyone.

That’s what we help you with.

Working out what your retirement (and other goals) look like, how much money you need and what you need to get there.

Then, when you reach retirement, working out how to organise your money so that your retirement is as financially comfortable and enjoyable as possible, reducing your stress, so that you don’t have to monitor and worry about your money.

We help you work out where you are now, where you want to go and work with you on an ongoing basis (with annual meetings) to track your progress and make sure that your financial and legal/tax solutions are working for you along the way.

To get together with us to develop your plan to get you to and through retirement, click on the button below, and we will be in touch to have a chat and work out where to go from here.

What you can expect from your Moneyworks financial planner:

  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence that your financial planner is putting your interests first
  • Transparency about how your financial planner works, about where your money is invested
  • Fee for service charging basis
  • No hidden commissions
  • Regular communication about what is happening in the world environment and how that relates to you and your situation

Moneyworks guides you to make the appropriate choices and provides solutions that maximise the probability of you achieving your financial goals, while continually reviewing your ‘safe versus risk’ balance.

Where are your

Moneyworks financial advisers based?

Moneyworks has clients who live in locations all over New Zealand.  However, our main office is in Cambridge, Waikato.  We enjoy working with our clients and people that they refer us to in Wellington, Christchurch, Invercargill, Queenstown and Auckland, but most of our new clients are based in the Waikato in the following locations:





Te Awamutu

What services do your Moneyworks financial advisers provide?

Moneyworks financial advisers specialise in providing holistic financial planning advice to our clients.  This advice is based our an extensive financial plan looking at all elements of your financial planning including, KiwiSaver, Investments, Insurances, CashFlow Management, Debt Management and Mortgage management, Asset Management, Estate Planning and Goal setting.

However, depending on your stage of life – you might only require a limited financial advice service from us.  This could be one or more of the following financial services:’

Investment Advice

KiwiSaver Advice

Insurance Advice

Mortgage Advice

Financial Planning Advice

Moneyworks provides you with:

  • The framework for thinking about your financial goals, and making those big decisions.
  • Full financial planning advice, including investment advice, insurance advice, KiwiSaver advice and mortgage advice all within the structure of achieving your goals.
  • A fully comprehensive annual review of all aspects of your financial planning, to make sure that you are on track to achieve those goals.
  • The innovative investment decision making approach balancing ‘safe versus risky’ investments.
  • Access to leading edge investment research and monitoring your investments with an aim of getting your investment tax situation right.
  • Education to ensure that you understand how all the aspects of your financial planning works.

Our clients and employees of leading New Zealand organisations have been benefiting from Moneyworks’ expert financial advice services since 1997. To find out more, call us on 0800 225 621 or email:

Our disclosure documents are available by emailing us on money@moneyworks.co.nz