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We help you get to and through retirement by investing ethically.


We cut through the greenwashing to provide independent
analysis and education to help our
clients invest Responsibly and Sustainably

Our Moneyworks Business Values

Moneyworks values integrity


We do the right thing and have a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We treat others as we would wish to be treated.

Moneyworks values honesty


We will be clear, factual, truthful, fair and sincere in all our dealings.

Moneyworks values trust


We value your confidence in our ability, judgement and advice and work hard to maintain that relationship.

Moneyworks values are genuine


We are authentic.  We walk our talk, and let you know the real situation, and say what we mean.

Moneyworks values empathy


We understand our clients' needs and work hard to meet them.

Moneyworks values respect


We treat our clients fairly, considering their feelings, wishes and personal goals and objectives.

Moneyworks values reliability


We do what we say we are going to do and will ensure that we take action for you in a timely manner.

Moneyworks News and Resources

Why you need a will

Having a will is something that you do for the people that you love. If you don’t love anyone – then you can live without having a will. But if you do love people, having a will is a kindness forRead more

What happens when a loved one dies

I am lucky.  I haven’t had to deal with the death of any of my immediate family members.  But I have recently been privileged to assist the family of one of my long term clients to manage theRead more

2024 Budget and implications for your financial planning

As promised in the 2023 Election Campaign, the coalition Government has delivered tax cuts.  These tax cuts will apply to everyone and it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that these will also apply to your PIRRead more

What if things go wrong with someone’s will and it is challenged?

Apart from potentially creating a juicy story for the media, if a will isn’t prepared well, or if someone doesn’t have a will in place (dying intestate – see this article), the death of aRead more

Who is Nvidia?

During 2023 - the stocks that led the markets and the recovery were 'The Magnificent Seven'.  Their share values took off, while many other shares languished until around the start of NovemberRead more

Millie is not AI

Moneyworks clients will know who Millie is.  Or rather what she is. Since 2018, we have worked with our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer, Saravanan (who lives in Chennai with his wife and Read more

AI and the transition to a sustainable economy

One of our fund managers, Impax produces an excellent document at the start of each year outlining the themes that they feel are important for the next investing period (1-10 years).  Impax are a fuRead more

Artificial Intelligence and your investments

There are a few topics that are highlighted as being ‘leading themes’ for investments over the next five to ten years, including renewable energy and artificial intelligence. Artificial IntelligeRead more

Do you use your personal vehicle for business use? It might not be insured…

At Moneyworks, we all own our own vehicles and when we use them for work, we get reimbursed by the company at the IRD rate of mileage.  It is a system that has worked well for us.  We didn’tRead more

Cyclone Gabrielle: Insurance pays out flood-affected family, but their bank won’t release the funds.

This situation is complicated, another Free-To-Read NZ Herald articleRead more

CCTV and Privacy and Insurance

You may know the feeling - you get back to your pristine car in the supermarket carpark to find a ding in it that wasn’t there before.  There is no note, no indication of who dented it. If theRead more

New Zealand Superannuation Rates

When you reach 65 in New Zealand (the current age of eligibility) you are entitled to receive the New Zealand Superannuation income.  This is subject to residence requirements: Currently, to get NZRead more

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

We value our relationships with our clients and key suppliers and our role in the community.  We have a focus on contributing back to our community as well as doing what we recommend to our clients.

All Moneyworks team members have financial plans in place, incorporating our goals and objectives, KiwiSaver, investment plans along with portfolios and insurance. 

All Moneyworks advisers are members and Certified Ethical Financial Advisers of Responsible Investment Association Australasia

Our Community Involvement

At Moneyworks we can help you with the following financial advice

We help you get to and through retirement, using ethical investment options, by making your money work and sharing our knowledge.

"I have worked with Carey and Moneyworks for many years now. I value very highly the trusted financial advice Carey provides. It is always timely, tuned for my circumstances and profile, and educational. I very much appreciate this relationship, and this includes the learning founded on rock solid, consistently sound guidance."

Richard Murcott - Wellington


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