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We help you get to and through retirement by investing ethically.


We cut through the greenwashing to provide independent
analysis and education to help our
clients invest Reponsibly and Sustainably

Our Moneyworks Business Values

Moneyworks values integrity


We do the right thing and have a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We treat others as we would wish to be treated.

Moneyworks values honesty


We will be clear, factual, truthful, fair and sincere in all our dealings.

Moneyworks values trust


We value your confidence in our ability, judgement and advice and work hard to maintain that relationship.

Moneyworks values are genuine


We are authentic.  We walk our talk, and let you know the real situation, and say what we mean.

Moneyworks values empathy


We understand our clients' needs and work hard to meet them.

Moneyworks values respect


We treat our clients fairly, considering their feelings, wishes and personal goals and objectives.

Moneyworks values reliability


We do what we say we are going to do and will ensure that we take action for you in a timely manner.

Moneyworks News and Resources

Couples who pool their money are more likely to stay together

Many of Moneyworks clients are part of a couple and we have a surprisingly low rate of relationship dissolution amongst our clients – or as it could be referred to ‘wealth division’.  We haveRead more

Do you have some unclaimed money - the amounts have increased

We have written before about unclaimed money, but there has been a recent law change, which has led to the amount of unclaimed money doubling to $400 million over the last three months. This is moneyRead more

Replacing Animal Testing with Cell Cultures and Organs on a Chip

One of the most exciting developments in replacing animal testing is what we refer to as ‘cell cultures’ or ‘organs on a chip’. These got a huge boost in the arm from the HELA cells (aRead more

What if you win Powerball in Lotto?

You probably buy a lotto ticket every now and then like me, and then try and get your money's worth by dreaming about what you would do it you won it. With recent Powerball jackpots over $30 millionRead more

Computer simulations - Alternatives to Animal Testing - Crash Test Dummies vs Live Pigs

Computer simulations and robotics Did you know that prior to the invention of mannequin crash test dummies in 1949 that live pigs (and human cadavers) were used in testing car crashes?  This is a grRead more

Why it is important that your fund managers carry out good quality research.

Each of the fund managers that Moneyworks recommends have different methods of choosing the investments that they select.  From top down, data driven, desk based research, to the total oppositeRead more

Proposed changes to KiwiSaver in the National Party's election 2023 manifesto

KiwiSaver has been a huge success story in New Zealand since it's launch on the 1st July 2007. People have money set aside for their retirement, they have learned about investing in financial assetsRead more

More overseas travel tips

After our previous blog, we had lots of great feedback, here are some more tips, in no particular order: RFID protection This is a security measure for your cards.  Now that your cards have pay-waveRead more

The 3 R's principles - Animal Testing

Three R’s – Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. Developed in 1959 these core principles are used in many testing organisations globally for more ethical and humane treatment of animals inRead more

What do we consider best practice in ethical investment advising

This seminar is an interview with Mindful Money in our capacity as a winner of the 2023 Ethical Financial Adviser of the year Award. The key focus of the session is what we consider to be best practiRead more

Collaborative Engagement in action - Stewart Investors

One of the things that we ask our Fund Managers about is what kind of collaborative engagement they are involved with.  The majority of the fund managers in our portfolios are involved in one to oneRead more

Travel Tips - Travel Cards and E-Sims

We are just about to head off to Europe on a long holiday, the first one since 2019 (this holiday is the one planned for May 2020) and it is amazing how much has changed in travel-land.  Thanks toRead more

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

We value our relationships with our clients and key suppliers and our role in the community.  We have a focus on contributing back to our community as well as doing what we recommend to our clients.

All Moneyworks team members have financial plans in place, incorporating our goals and objectives, KiwiSaver, investment plans along with portfolios and insurance. 

All Moneyworks advisers are members and Certified Financial Advisers of Responsible Investment Association Australasia.

At Moneyworks we employ an in-house Wellness Coach to help keep us fit, healthy and have a balanced lifestyle. 

Our Community Involvement

At Moneyworks we can help you with the following financial advice

We help you get to and through retirement, using ethical investment options, by making your money work and sharing our knowledge.

"I have worked with Carey and Moneyworks for many years now. I value very highly the trusted financial advice Carey provides. It is always timely, tuned for my circumstances and profile, and educational. I very much appreciate this relationship, and this includes the learning founded on rock solid, consistently sound guidance."

Richard Murcott - Wellington


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