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Moneyworks NZ Ltd was established in February 1997 to provide full financial advice to our clients.  This means that we help people work out what their financial goals are (retirement is usually the main goal), then work out what they need to do to get there.

We review our clients existing financial solutions, including insurances, KiwiSaver and their investments, and report on whether these solutions will work for them to achieve their goals.  Where relevant we then recommend alternatives.

Many of the clients that we prepare a full financial plan for choose to work with us each year as 'Membership Fee' clients.  We then meet every year and do a full review of their financial situation and how they are tracking towards their goals.  As our clients get closer to their goals, their financial solutions change and adapt to where they are at then.

We also do a project each year at that annual review to ensure that our clients are fully covered against all eventualities, this could include making sure that they are well set up against cyber risk, have wills and enduring powers of attorney in place, that they understand the in's and out's of retirement villages and rest homes and rest home subsidies, or reviewing their fire and general insurance arrangements.

We have a small team, based around Cambridge and Auckland, and use technology to ensure that we deliver the best quality service available to our clients.  We have an Administrator Extraordinaire, Millie, who is our moneybot (our inhouse robot), who carries out a lot of day to day administrative tasks, letting us get on with working with our clients, and ensuring that our education is up to date.

Moneyworks provides Financial Education seminars for workplaces, and this education is continued with our monthly email newsletters.  We also walk the talk - and have an inhouse Wellness Coach for our team.

Carey Church

Peter Church

Paul Swarbrick

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Sally Mellor

A disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge

Eddie Goldsmith - Mount Manganui

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul Swarbrick for well over 14 years.  He has advised me on funding arrangements for various commercial and other property investments.

Put simply, Paul is the absolute best financial adviser I have ever come across. I value his advice more than that of my lawyer and accountant. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Cyndy and Mark Kehoe - Turangi and Fielding

A quick email to say thanks so much for your help with Marks Trauma Insurance.  Its not a great way to get extra funds but it is really helpful to know that the money is there if we need it.

Everything went without a hitch especially when you see so much bad press about Insurance Companies. You were really helpful coming around home for the forms/signatures as Mark was not allowed to drive at the time. I wanted you to know we are both really thankful for the cover.  It was getting hard to pay the premiums, but so happy we kept it up even with reducing the cover to make premiums easier at the time. Thanks again

Richard Murcott - Wellington

I have worked with Carey and Moneyworks for many years now. I value very highly the trusted financial advice Carey provides. It is always timely, tuned for my circumstances and profile, and educational. I very much appreciate this relationship, and this includes the learning founded on rock solid, consistently sound guidance.

In particular, I value the fact that she is there for me to talk to if a need arises, I have a strong sense of partnership, like having an invisible highly-trusted adviser sitting on my shoulder. I also know that she will take the initiative to advise or alert me if or when something needs to be changed or adjusted. The proactive advice and guidance is so reassuring.

That leads to peace of mind from knowing someone is there who clearly cares about my financial health and strategies.


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