About Moneyworks

Moneyworks NZ Ltd was established in February 1997 to provide full financial advice to our clients.  This means that we help people work out what their financial goals are (retirement is usually the main goal), then work out what they need to do to get there.

We review our clients existing financial solutions, including insurances, KiwiSaver and their investments, and report on whether these solutions will work for them to achieve their goals.  Where relevant we then recommend alternatives.

Many of the clients that we prepare a full financial plan for choose to work with us each year as 'Membership Fee' clients.  We then meet every year and do a full review of their financial situation and how they are tracking towards their goals.  As our clients get closer to their goals, their financial solutions change and adapt to where they are at then.

We also do a project each year at that annual review to ensure that our clients are fully covered against all eventualities, this could include making sure that they are well set up against cyber risk, have wills and enduring powers of attorney in place, that they understand the in's and out's of retirement villages and rest homes and rest home subsidies, or reviewing their fire and general insurance arrangements.

We have a small team, based around Cambridge and Auckland, and use technology to ensure that we deliver the best quality service available to our clients.  We have an Administrator Extraordinaire, Millie, who is our moneybot (our inhouse robot), who carries out a lot of day to day administrative tasks, letting us get on with working with our clients, and ensuring that our education is up to date.

Moneyworks provides Financial Education seminars for workplaces, and this education is continued with our monthly email newsletters.  We also walk the talk - and have an inhouse Wellness Coach for our team.

Carey Church

Peter Church

Paul Swarbrick

Grace Swarbrick

Sally Mellor

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose


Moneyworks NZ Ltd will be an ethical and sustainable, community focused financial advisory practice that builds long-term relationships with like-minded people and is committed to continual improvement. The services offered are transparent, professional and are based on our unique and proprietary ethical investment processes. 


We help people get to and through retirement – ethically, while providing balanced lifestyles for our team and operating in a profitable and sustainable manner.


To help make the world a better place by

-       having a sustainable business with an ethical focus

-       contributing to our community

-       aligning with businesses and clients that share our values and purpose.

How will we achieve this purpose?

1.    Educating our clients about how investing ethically has the power to facilitate real change in the world.

2.    Using our unique and proprietary ethical investment analysis process with our clients.

3.    Contribute to the community by donating a portion of Moneyworks profits every year.

4.    Volunteering, contributing to our community.

5.    Measuring and offsetting our emissions, recycling and being energy and water conscious.

Our Business Values

IntegrityWe do the right thing and have a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. We treat others as we would wish to be treated.
HonestyWe will be clear, factual, truthful, fair and sincere in all our dealings.
TrustWe value your confidence in our ability, judgement and advice and work hard to maintain that relationship.
GenuineWe are authentic.  We walk our talk, and let you know the real situation, and say what we mean.
EmpathyWe understand our clients' needs and work hard to meet them.
RespectWe treat our clients fairly, considering their feelings, wishes and personal goals and objectives.
ReliabilityWe do what we say we are going to do and will ensure that we take action for you in a timely manner.

Moneyworks Code of Conduct - How we work and behave

Our clients

We make financial management easy for our clients - to take the hassle out of it for you.  The relationships with our clients are to be for the long term.

Our clients experience
Moneyworks provides services in a transparent, efficient, cost effective friendly manner, with a focus on education, so that our clients can choose how much they want to understand about their financial situation.  All our communications with clients are in writing, or documented if they are verbal, and we have a golden rule 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

Trusted adviser
We help our clients get to and through retirement, using ethically based investments if that is important to you. We do this by understanding what is happening with your financial situation along the way.    Our goal is for our clients to feel comfortable with asking us any questions.

What to expect from our financial advisers

Our advisers engage in continuing professional education and work under best practice methods, which we continually improve. We use a wide range of research tools, subscriptions and read and listen widely to keep up to date.

Our client care, diligence and skill
Our advisers are qualified to provide advice to you (and we will refer you on if we are not specialists in that area).  We all engage in extensive continuing professional development to stay current with any changes and we aim to communicate with you in plain english.    We provide all our advice in writing prior to requiring you to make any decisions, and encourage you to ask any questions where you want clarification.

If things go wrong
We pride ourselves on delivering good, timely and reliable services to our clients.  However, from time to time errors are made.  We hope that we will pick these up and let you know about them, and how we aim to remedy them.  If we don't pick up the error, please let us know asap and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  If we are unable to resolve the issue between ourselves, you can take the issue to our dispute resolution scheme, the Insurance, Financial and Savings Ombudsman, who will resolve the issue impartially.

Our commitment
As a small team, we continually communicate with each other and our work is often peer reviewed by others in our team.  We have regular Business Meetings where we discuss any issues that each of us have encountered, so that we can learn from each other. 

We are confident in the ethics and integrity of our team members, which is one of the reasons that we are a small team and would like feedback about anything that you consider is poor conduct so that we can resolve the issue as soon as is possible.

Our Team
Our small team work cohesively and interactively.  We aim to reward our people based on the outcomes achieved in the business. The remuneration structure is based on the business as whole with a very small portion being based on how much revenue each person generates. 

Our processes
The administration in our business is carried out by Millie Moneybot, our internal robot that we have built over a number of years.  One of the advantages of this automated process is that the administration is generally accurate without human error.    This also leaves time for our advisers to work with our clients and research financial solutions, financial planning issues and understand the general happenings in the world that can impact on your financial future.  We also spend time ensuring that we operate best practice compliance systems to meet our regulatory obligations.

Our values

Our continuing professional development incorporates study on ethical issues, including understanding the psychological aspects that can impact on how our clients approach investing.  However, training and study aren't a replacement for holding and exhibiting the core values that all our advisers hold.  These are innate in our personalities and beliefs.

Eddie Goldsmith - Mount Manganui

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul Swarbrick for well over 14 years.  He has advised me on funding arrangements for various commercial and other property investments.

Put simply, Paul is the absolute best financial adviser I have ever come across. I value his advice more than that of my lawyer and accountant. I can’t rate him highly enough.

Cyndy and Mark Kehoe - Turangi and Fielding

A quick email to say thanks so much for your help with Marks Trauma Insurance.  Its not a great way to get extra funds but it is really helpful to know that the money is there if we need it.

Everything went without a hitch especially when you see so much bad press about Insurance Companies. You were really helpful coming around home for the forms/signatures as Mark was not allowed to drive at the time. I wanted you to know we are both really thankful for the cover.  It was getting hard to pay the premiums, but so happy we kept it up even with reducing the cover to make premiums easier at the time. Thanks again

Richard Murcott - Wellington

I have worked with Carey and Moneyworks for many years now. I value very highly the trusted financial advice Carey provides. It is always timely, tuned for my circumstances and profile, and educational. I very much appreciate this relationship, and this includes the learning founded on rock solid, consistently sound guidance.

In particular, I value the fact that she is there for me to talk to if a need arises, I have a strong sense of partnership, like having an invisible highly-trusted adviser sitting on my shoulder. I also know that she will take the initiative to advise or alert me if or when something needs to be changed or adjusted. The proactive advice and guidance is so reassuring.

That leads to peace of mind from knowing someone is there who clearly cares about my financial health and strategies.


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