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Disputes and Complaints Procedure

What do you do if you have a dispute or complaint?

To help resolve any complaints or disputes as quickly and beneficially as possible for all concerned Moneyworks NZ Ltd has developed an efficient procedure for complaint and dispute resolution. The resolution process is available to you free of charge. These guidelines explain the steps to take if you have a complaint or dispute with Moneyworks NZ Ltd.

Five simple steps to a quick and fair solution

  1. Please contact your adviser or Carey Church at and explain your concern.

  2. We will then communicate with you through email to get a good understanding of the details of your complaint.

  3. Moneyworks NZ Ltd will then gather all information for investigation

  4. We shall then investigate the complaint and give you a result in writing

  5. You will be advised what else you can do if you are still dissatisfied.

Your initial contact may be made:

  • by telephone at 0800 225 621

  • by email to

  • by filling in the form that you can find on form on this page.

  • in person, or

  • in writing to Moneyworks NZ Ltd, P O Box 1003, Cambridge 3450

What to expect

Moneyworks NZ Ltd is committed to resolving your complaint or dispute as quickly as possible, which is why your concern will be handled by a member of staff who has the necessary power to deal with it effectively

You may expect a written email acknowledgement three working days after we receive your complaint and a written email decision, together with an explanation for the decision within 10 working days.

Finding a solution

As soon as we receive your complaint, members of staff will record all the details you are able to give us and will access all relevant information from our files.

The Managing Director will then assess all the information, and make whatever additional enquiries are deemed necessary.

The Managing Director will then write to you and advise you of the decision and explain the reasons for it.

In the event of a Deadlock

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact Carey Church and we shall advise you what further action you can take. If we reach a Deadlock through our Internal Complaints process, you can make a submission to our external disputes resolution provider – the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman.

Make a complaint by filling in the form below

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Thanks for your message, we will respond shortly.

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (“IFSO Scheme”) process

If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, we can agree that we have reached a ‘deadlock’. Complaints then need to be submitted to the ISO within 2 months of the deadlock being declared.

On receipt of the signed Confidentiality Provisions form, a copy of the submission to the IFSO is sent to Moneyworks, as authority to release our file to the IFSO, together with details of the complaint made to the IFSO. As the complaint has to be ‘deadlocked’ before being referred to the IFSO, the file should be ready and prepared and therefore, able to be sent to the IFSO within 7 days of the request.

Where possible, complaints will be resolved by agreement between the parties to the dispute. Various approaches can be used: negotiation, conciliation, or informal mediation. However, where resolution is not possible by agreement, each complaint coming within the IFSO’s jurisdiction will be thoroughly investigated, irrespective of how minor the issues may seem. The IFSO’s benchmark for closing files is within 90 days of the complaint.

At the end of the process, an assessment will be provided. This is a written summary of the complaint, the issues involved and a decision about whether the complaint as been upheld or not upheld. When an Assessment has been reviewed, it is sent to the unsuccessful party. A review of the decision can be requested if relevant new evidence or proper grounds for the request is provided within a specified period (normally 2 weeks.)

If the complaint is not upheld and there is no response by the end of the specified period, the file will be closed and Moneyworks will be provided with a copy of the Assessment.

If the complaint is upheld in full or in part, the Assessment is sent to Moneyworks. If we accept the Assessment and settlement requires us to provide valuable consideration, a settlement form is sent to you, which states that the offer is in full and final settlement of the subject matter of the complaint.

All documents provided by each party are to be returned to them within two months.

Costs for IFSO process

There is no cost to you for this process. Moneyworks will be levied a fee of $1,000 plus GST for any complaint investigated by the IFSO.

Binding decision for Moneyworks NZ Ltd

We are bound by the decision of the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman.

Contact details for IFSO

Freephone: 0800 888 202
Telephone: 04 499 7612
Post: Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme
PO Box 10-845
Wellington 6143
Physical: Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme
Level 2, Solnet House
70 The Terrace
Wellington 6143

The Financial Markets Authority complaint process

If you feel that you have not received satisfaction through our internal complaints process, you can also complain to the Financial Markets Authority. We will provide you with information on how to do this if you require it at the time.


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