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2024 Newsletters

April 2024 Monthly Newsletter

There was a lot of interest in our February newsletter (see it here about the fire and general insurance articles.  This is not an area that we are specialists in, but it is important that our clients are aware of the issues.  Three more relevant articles have come to our attention since then, that we have outlined below

We have also given you an update on the new New Zealand Superannuation rates from 01/04/2024 - which have gone up quite a bit in the last few years, in line with inflation.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Regards. Carey, Peter and Paul.

1. CCTV and Privacy and Insurance
2. Cyclone Gabrielle: Insurance pays out flood-affected family, but their bank won’t release the funds.
3. Do you use your personal vehicle for business use? It might not be insured…
4. New Zealand Superannuation Rates

March 2024 Monthly Newsletter

A key topic that we discuss with our clients is their retirement.  What does it look like, do you want to retire?  When should you retire?  Having been bombarded with articles saying that you 'shouldn't retire', I thought it was timely to put together some articles for you to think about in this newsletter.

If you have any comments or thoughts on these topics and our comments, please don't hesitate to let us know!

With regards Carey, Peter and Paul.

1. You shouldn't retire... my thoughts
2. Why you should never retire....
3. What are you going to do in retirement? How long will that be satisfying?

February 2024 Monthly Newsletter

For many people, the home that you own and live in is your most valuable possession and as we get older and have some free cash flows, we can begin to accumulate valuable things (jewellery, art, e-bikes).

This month we are highlighting the increasing premiums on house insurances and encouraging you to read the article on contents policy wording and check your contents policy (based on real life case studies that came before the Insurance, Financial & Savings Ombudsman.)

We also have our final article in our series on developments in Animal Testing.

With regards, Carey, Peter and Paul

1. What does the weather and natural hazards mean for your house insurance premiums?
2. Is your jewellery (and valuable art) insurance worthwhile?
3. Human Skin - created as an alternative to Animal Testing

January 2024 Monthly Newsletter

We start with an update on changes (potential changes) to our clients financial planning after the formation of the Coalition Government in late 2023.

We are focussing on the increasing sophistication of scams in this newsletter, particularly as we are working with one of our long term clients to extricate themselves from a 'sexy investment' that actually looks like it is a scam (there are warnings that it is a scam and we will update you on it when we get more resolution).

We have updated the information on what to look for in a scam and have the next article in our series about Animal Testing - using humans to test on.
1. Coalition Government New Zealand 2023 and changes that might affect you
2. Scam warnings - again - but this is important
3. Sexy investment or an investment scam?
4. Using Humans as volunteers for testing instead of animals

2023 Newsletters

December 2023 Monthly Newsletter

This is a short newsletter - we have been waiting for the Governments Announcements on changes to Tax, Property Bright-line and KiwiSaver, but they won't be available until 20th December, so we will cover them in January.

Our Team updates
Grace, our Administration Manager was offered a phenomenal full-time role at the end of 2023, which she couldn’t turn down, so we are back to our team of Carey, Peter, Paul and our robot Millie.  Over the two years that Grace worked with us, we were able to streamline our systems and processes and to automate more processes and it was great having her as part of the team.  But there are some things that have to be done by humans, so we appreciate your patience going forward that your adviser may not be quite as efficient as Grace at helping you with the forms to change things, but we will get there!

We look forward to working with you again next year.
Kind Regards,  Carey, Peter and Paul (and Millie Moneybot)

1. Moneyworks Christmas and Holiday Hours
2. Human Skin – created as an alternative to Animal Testing
3. What to do if you are involved in an accident

November 2023 Monthly Newsletter

We have often wondered if our clients stay together because they share their money, or if they share their money because they are more likely to stay together.  Now there is research confirming the link.

Is any of the $400 million in unclaimed money yours?  The laws have recently changed and there is more money in the pool. Think about whether it might belong to you (or someone close to you).

Our fifth article looking at Animal Testing looks at the amazing work being done with Cell Cultures, and Organs on a Chip.

1. Couples who pool their money are more likely to stay together
2. Unclaimed Money - could some of it be yours?
3. Replacing Animal Testing with Cell Cultures and Organs on a Chip

October 2023 Monthly Newsletter

With all the big Powerball Jackpots this year in Lotto, we thought we would share a strategy about what you should do if you win Lotto.

We have also written an article about the value of research, when your fund manager (in this case Artesian) does it well.

The fourth in our series about what is happening in the world of Animal Testing. This is the first of the three articles about replacements for Animal Testing - Computer Simulation.

1. What if you win the jackpot on lotto?
2. Why it is important that your fund managers carry out good quality research.
3. Computer Simulations alternatives to Animal Testing

September 2023 Monthly Newsletter

We are proud to be winners the first time we entered of the Mindful Money Best Ethical Financial Adviser Award 2023 - read more about the Awards below.

We are starting our series on Animal Testing - and what is happening in that world - in this newsletter, with an overview of how we identify which company are tagged as 'nasty' under this category.  This complements the We have provided you with our views on the proposed changes to KiwiSaver that are being promoted as part of the National Party's 2023 election campaign, and we have provided more travel tips (based on feedback from our last article).

As part of our obligations as winners of the Ethical Financial Adviser of the Year Award 2023, Carey participated in an online seminar for Mindful Money.  More information below.

The third in our series about Animal Cruelty/Animal Testing looks at the three R's, which build on the Code of Ethics.

Another podcast that you might be interested in listening to, it is Kim Hill interviewing Dr Ratu Mataira, who is leading a New Zealand based Nuclear Fusion Project, as part of the renewable energy industry, the company is called OpenStar.  I learned so much about Nuclear Fusion listening to this, well worth the time.  Click here to get the podcast.

1. Proposed Changes to KIwiSaver
2. More travel tips
3. Interview with Mindful Money about being an ethical investment adviser
4. The 3 R's - Refinement, Reduction and Replacement

August 2023 Monthly Newsletter

We are heading off on a long awaited holiday to Europe and have discovered that things have changed since 2019 - read about a few of our tips.

Collaborative Engagement by your fund managers is a powerful way to get change, read about the success Stewart Investors have had with Plastic Waste in India.

We have also included the second in our series of articles about the Animal Cruelty/Animal Testing nasty - looking at the Code of Ethics in New Zealand.

1. Travel Tips - Travel Cards, E-Sims and Registering your Travel
2. Collaborative Engagement in Action - Stewart Investors
3. Animal Testing - New Zealand's Code of Ethics

July 2023 Monthly Newsletter

We are proud to be winners the first time we entered of the Mindful Money Best Ethical Financial Adviser Award 2023 - read more about the Awards below.

We are starting our series on Animal Testing - and what is happening in that world - in this newsletter, with an overview of how we identify which company are tagged as 'nasty' under this category.  This complements the discussions we are having with you at your annual review meeting.

Some things that you might enjoy or be interested in ...
1. A free tool to increase your cognitive skills and your balance, click on the link below (linked from the Headings)
2. If you have Apple TV - you might be interested in the new 8 part series (with great actors) looking at the future if climate change continues on the current trajectory.  While it is fiction, it is thought provoking.  The series is called Extrapolations - and I recommend it.  Find out more by clicking here.
3. We have recently moved to a net emissions positive electricity supplier Ecotricity - find out more here.
4. Several of our clients have made us aware of SolarZero - where you can get solar panels and batteries and pay a monthly fee (instead of an upfront cost).  [You can't use this service if you already have solar panels - so it won't work for us]. If you are planning on staying in your home for an extended period of time, this might be worth looking into.  Find out more by clicking here.

1. Winners - Best Ethical Financial Adviser Award 2023
2. Animal Cruelty ‘Nasties’ – how do we identify the companies?
3. Free tool to strengthen your balance and cognitive skills

June 2023 Monthly Newsletter

We prefer not be scaremongers, but this month there are three serious issues that we want to alert you to.  We hope that you find these useful. 

The first two are based on actual experiences of our family, the third one is a more generic investment warning.

Please let us know any comments, questions or thoughts that arise from these articles.

1. Mammogram Failure, Dense Breasts and Breast Cancer
2. I got text toll scammed (Along with 99,999 other people) - and updates on other scams that have been in the news
3. Wholesale investment offerings and syndicated property offerings

May 2023 Monthly Newsletter

This month is a focus on women in finance, with a bit of an anecdote about Carey's experience being a woman in a very male dominated industry, and information on how women can really add value, both within your fund manager, and in the companies that are invested in.

1. How do women make a difference in the financial and business world?
2. Having Women Fund Managers in the investment team increases your return
3. Gender Diversity initiatives in the financial industry
4. Women on Boards and in Senior Management produce greater shareholder returns

April 2023 Monthly Newsletter

It is the end of the financial year, and we have highlighted some tax season scams to be aware of.  We have also looked at some interesting graphs reflecting what is happening in the global economy and investment markets, as well as looking at some quirky indicators of market upturns and downturns.  There is also a link to a Mindful Money seminar that Carey was involved in looking at Greenwashing.

We hope you enjoy this eclectic mix of articles.

Mindful Money seminar with Carey about Greenwashing
Some interesting graphs about markets and economies
3. Mens Underwear and Lipstick - predictors of recessions
4. Ai for bad (instead of for fun or good means) - tax season scams

February 2023 Monthly Newsletter

With the launch of the Stewardship Code in New Zealand in late 2022 we are seeing an increasing recognition that successful ethical investing involves more than just negative screening.  Actively engaging with companies to get change is a key to this approach, and is a focus of our work with fund managers - we are continually talking to them to understand what they are doing and how they are doing it.

The first article this month highlights what the Norwegian Oil Fund (a very influential ethical investment fund) are doing about climate change.  We are also expanding our remit for education from our traditional focus of educating our clients, and are building on the RIAA panel session that Carey was involved in in September 2022, by working with a key industry publisher to educate other financial advisers on ethical investing  more information is in the link below.

Our last article is a slightly tongue in cheek look at parenting and the issues facing children in the cyber world.  Produced by Financial Times and starring Jodie Whittaker, it is a 14 min entertaining piece that provokes thought.

1. Active Engagement in Action
2. Moneyworks assisting other financial advisers to learn about ethical investing
3. Cyber - Children - Issues - The Future

January 2023 Monthly Newsletter

2022 Newsletters

December 2022 Monthly Newsletter

It is hard to believe we are at the end of yet another year.  And what a year it has been.
This is a newsletter with some short updates and to let you know about our holiday season hours.

Have a great festive season, relax and enjoy and we will see you in 2023.
Kind regards. Carey, Peter, Paul and Grace.

1. Holiday Hours and Festive Seasons Greetings
2. Garden Festival 2022 success
3. Update on climate change reparations
4. Trauma Insurance - it does work but definitions are vital

There is a bit of a theme in this months newsletter relating to weather and climate change.  We look at the discussions about compensation for developing countries (from developed countries) for the impact of climate change, but also the direct impact of the changes in weather on our house insurance premiums (which are are going up).

We profile the global collaborative engagement driven by The New Zealand Super Fund in response to the Mosque shootings, and how they got other investors engaged.  This is an important feature of fund managers exercising their power and we look forward to seeing more fund managers doing this (either formally or informally) and we will be engaging with our fund managers to encourage it.

1. Collaborative Engagement - NZ Super Fund and The Christchurch Call
2. Climate change and the compensation question
3. House insurance premiums are going up - here's why

After a peak of markets in mid August, the financial markets have fallen again, Our first article looks at this and provides some advice for you to understand what is happening.
The second article looks at the factors that we analyse when we are building our clients portfolios and the third article is our last article in our series on 'why investors do what they do'.

1. A sea of red?
2. Building our clients portfolios
3. What are our emotional biases and how do they impact our investing?

It is anticipated that 81,000 people will live in Retirement Villages in New Zealand by 2033, so we have given you a review of a recent webinar that we participated in, to help you to work out where to get information and make a decision about whether a retirement village is for you, and if so, what kind.

We look at why ESG ratings companies are having difficulty, maybe it is ESG Ratings v1.0, and with a shakeout we will get more consistency and ratings that can be directly comparable.

We finish up with the first in a short series of articles looking at why investors do what they do, the biases that come into their reactions and decision making.

1. Retirement Village Living - some hints
2. ESG Ratings - how robust is the business?
3. How (and why) do investors do what they do?

July 2022 Monthly Newsletter

Moneyworks recommends fund managers to you.  You then entrust your money to those fund managers to exercise their votes and use what power they have to ensure that the company they are investing in is successful (both financially and ethically - if that is a feature of the fund).

We have started analysing how your fund managers use their voting power, and have had some conversations with fund managers (with different but interesting responses).  We are planning to do a special project next year to understand in more detail how these votes are exercised.  But in this newsletter, we introduce you to how voting works, and the kinds of responses we have seen so far.

We also give you an update on the Mindful Money Ethical Investment Awards that we sponsored that were held recently.

With regards, Carey, Peter, Paul and Grace

1. How your Fund Managers vote is important

2. Shareholder Resolutions and Activist Investing

3.Mindful Money Awards 2022

June 2022 Monthly Newsletter

Ethical investing is complicated.  We have let our clients know that we will be spending the next three years explaining the ins and outs and introducing them to ethical investing. 

We have spent much of our time in the last 2 1/2 years learning about the intricacies of ethical investing, including completing international education and becoming certified through RIAA. But that is the beginning of our knowledge. 

Using our unique and proprietary Ethical Investment Analysis, we are learning about our clients beliefs and values, and learning more about our recommended fund managers approaches, processes and how they really work.

As well as looking at getting your donations working harder for you, this month we review the role of Genetic Modification as a 'nasty' in New Zealand, and importantly, why Ethical Investing is not a formula.

Kind regards, Carey, Peter, Paul and Grace.

1. Ethical Investing is not a formula

2. Make your Donations 33% bigger at no cost to you

3. Whats the deal with Genetic Modification being a 'nasty' in New Zealand?

May 2022 Monthly Newsletter

Moneyworks have made a strong commitment to Ethical Investing, and it appears that the bulk of New Zealanders agree that this is the way to go.  We introduce you to our new revamped website concentrating on ethical investing below, and review the information discovered in the recently released RIAA and Mindful Money consumer survey about Ethical Investing.But first, we are wondering if you can help us out by giving us a review on Google Business - more information below.

1. Our updated website

2. What do Kiwis think about ethical investing?

3. What do New Zealanders want to avoid in their investing?

4. Barriers to investing ethically

April 2022 Special Inflation Newsletter

This is a special newsletter focussing on the just released inflation numbers for the past 12 months. We look at how these numbers are actually made up, and how inflation impacts your investment, as well as recommending a newsletter for you to read for more analysis (special offer for readers of this newsletter).

1. Inflation - what is happening?

2. Recommended Reading - The Kaka by Bernard Hickey

3. Inflation and your investments

April 2022 Monthly Newsletter

We are looking at the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact of the war on investing, and on two ethical investing topics.The first article is an abbreviated and updated article that was sent to Moneyworks investment clients in mid March.And a reminder to check your marginal tax rates if you are receiving NZ Superannuation to make sure that you haven't gone over the any of the thresholds of taxable income which mean that your tax rate is higher.

1. Investment Market Uncertainty and War

2. Weapons, Armaments and Ethical investing?

3. Changes to NZ Superannuation income payment rates and impact on your tax rates

March 2022 Monthly Newsletter

As Moneyworks rolls out our ethical investing approach, we will be increasing the articles on ethical investing issues in our newsletter.  Please feel free to unsubscribe if these topics are not of interest to you.

This month, we are looking at the case study of what Nestle have done to (finally) start addressing their child labour issues, and why NOT investing in Fossil Fuels is tricky.

We hope that you enjoy reading this information.

Regards, Carey, Peter, Paul and Grace.
1. Nestle and Child Labour

2. This is why NOT investing in Fossil Fuels in tricky

3. Update on Eligibility for New Zealand Super rules - legislation passed with delayed start date

February 2022 Monthly Newsletter

An investment and AML/CFT theme this month.
Just a reminder that we have been in a bull investment market, with occasional dips for around 11 years now.  The volatility that we have seen for the last few months is to be expected, and may well continue.  If you have any questions, contact your adviser to discuss in more detail.

1. Why bother with company visits when you are investing?

2. What is a Money Mule in Money Laundering?

3. Spending one bitcoin = 330,000 credit card transactions

January 2022 Monthly Newsletter

Entering into our third Covid year, it is tempting to think that this may be the year that we 'learn to live with Covid'.  Covid has brought many changes to our world, from the way we work, to our expectations about what life should look like and for many New Zealanders - our freedom to travel internationally.  We are hoping to get to one of the conferences that we usually go to in Australia this year - fortunately most of them are now available online, and maybe travel on holiday to the Northern Hemisphere in 2023.

1. Our new look

2. Some comments on those 'wholesale investor only' property syndicates advertised in NZ.

3. Corporate Controversies that Defined 2021

2021 Newsletters

December 2021 Monthly Newsletter

It is hard to believe that it is the end of another year, and what a year for those of us who had extended lockdowns (months and months in Auckland) and nearly three months in total in the Waikato.  Lets hope the sun keeps shining and we can get to enjoy summer without catching Covid.We have a number of articles below based on recent announcements (amount required to retire on and Landlords obligations under the Privacy Act) as well as another article in our series of ethical investing articles.

1. Moneyworks Holiday Schedule

2. Do you really need $809,000 to retire on?

3. Climate Laggards and Leaders - the poor performance of listed companies

4. More changes for landlords - under the Privacy Act

November 2021 Monthly Newsletter

The focus this month is on Fire & General Insurance.  This is a different insurance industry than the one that we deal with, we refer our clients to a specialist insurance broker or a Fire & General Insurance company, like AMI, NZI, State insurance.  But it is an important part of your financial planning and two articles caught our eye recently, so we are sharing them with you.

To illustrate the impact that climate change is having that  leads to that flooding risk, we have provided another in our series of Sustainable investing articles on cities at risk from sea level rise.

Kind regards,  Carey, Peter, Paul and Grace.

1. Flood risk and insurance being withdrawn

2. Insuring your e-bike

3. Sustainable Investing - Climate Change - cities at risk from sea level rise.

October 2021 Monthly Newsletter

We welcome a new person to our small team, Grace as our part time Administration Manager, read more below.

We also start a series on interesting statistics that relate to ethical investing and provide you with some quick updates on issues relating to any unclaimed Australian Super that you may have and elder abuse awareness.

Regards, Carey, Peter and Paul.

1. Grace Swarbrick - Administration Manager
2. Sustainable Investing - The Great Wall of Africa is taking shape
3. Elder abuse - help your family hold on to their money
4. Getting your money back from your 'unclaimed' Australian Super

September 2021 Monthly Newsletter

It's not easy to retire. While you may have dreamed of this 'third life' for some time, the practicalities aren't easy, we look at some of the things you can do to make the transition easier below.

We also look at how Banks are finally starting to be held to account for their conduct.

Finally, as part of our work researching and looking at the very complex world of ethical investing, we are starting a new series, profiling some research into sustainable statistics from Robeco, and explaining why it is important, we hope that you find this series interesting and useful.If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your adviser.Regards Carey, Peter, and Paul.

1. How to retire - well, how to get ready to change your life

2. Banks being held responsible for fees, conduct and lending practices

3. Sustainable Investing  - Climate Change and human activity and how investing can help slow down change

August 2021 Monthly Newsletter

Last month we looked at NZ Superannuation and what may change about it.  Parliament looks set to have cross-party support for changing the residency requirements, we have outlined more below.The media is regularly covering the housing prices and shortages, and there are regularly commentaries around the scarcity of building material and labour.  A flow on effect of this is that if your home did get damaged (or razed) the rebuild prices will be higher.  We outline our suggestions for making sure that you aren't out of pocket.We were proud to be sponsors of the first Mindful Money Ethical Investing Awards this year, see our coverage of it below.  We are also thrilled to announce that we have our full Financial Advice Provider Licence.With regards,  Carey, Peter, Paul

1. Changes to residency requirements for New Zealand Superannuation on the way

2. Is your house properly insured - to take into account the rising costs of building in New Zealand?

3. Mindful Money Awards Sponsorship

4. We have our FAP licence

July 2021 Monthly Newsletter

This month we are looking at two important questions that affect your financial planning.

Should adult children have a right to challenge their parents wills, if they don't think they have been left enough money?  This is one of the questions that the Law Commission is considering in its review of Succession Law.  

Should we keep New Zealand Superannuation as it is - universally available to all people?

And finally, on a lighter note (again) we have provided you with a link to a recent tweet that shows the miracles of technology and film restoration, it is worth the 33 seconds to watch.

1.  Should adult children be able to challenge their parents wills?2.  Should New Zealand Superannuation continue to exist as it is?3.  The magic of technology in film restoration

Kind regards Carey, Peter and Paul

June 2021 Monthly Newsletter

Technology has changed our world in so many ways.  It has made things more efficient, faster and opened up the world to new ideas and interactions.  However, there are downsides with technology, and we have covered two technological issues in this newsletter, where criminals and abusers are using technology for bad reasons.

We finish on a lighter note, with an interesting illustration of how markets continue to go up over time - with a video of the value of the Dow Jones Index over the last 125 years.

1. Cyber Security issues and protections are getting far more important2. Abuse of people knows no limits3. Dow Jones over time - interesting illustration

May 2021 Monthly Newsletter

Understanding and analysis of Ethical investing has been on our radar for almost a year now, we give you an update on where we are up to in our first article.  The second article is a review of interesting reading and listening in relation to warfare - production of nuclear weapons and the real story (as much as can be found out) about cyber warfare and 'zero-day exploits'.We finish up reminding you to understand what your insurance policy does actually cover.1. Ethical Investing Update2. Some interesting things that we have read or listened to recently - related to warfare (as it turns out!)3. Do you know what is in your insurance policy?

April 2021 Newsletter

It is the new financial year, and along with changes to tax treatments of investment properties, it brings a subtle change in branding for Moneyworks.  You will notice that our logo at the top of this page has been changed subtly. 

We have added the word - ethically to the end of our catchphrase.  We are all enjoying our exploration and learning around ethical investments and we are making great progress in training Millie to to the data analysis on your investments to be able to show you what ethical 'nasties' you are invested in, so that we can start a process of avoiding them where possible.  We will keep you updated on our progress, please feel free to ask us, we are hoping to have all of our systems and research at a position where we can introduce this analysis and options at your annual review meeting in 2022.This month, the newsletter is picking up on some interesting articles and bits of information that we have seen recently - the headlines are in the links below for you to explore.

1.Investment Markets graph - updated

2.Stuffing up New Zealand Super

3.No more cheques - technology has taken over

March 2021 Newsletter

Buy Now - Pay Later - it sounds simple - you get your items now and then pay in the future.  But while it is the 'retail phenomenon of 2020' there is no regulation around it.  Newsrooms investigation of the process has shown many things to be wary of, we have profiled this below.

A subtle change to PIE tax rules was delivered behind the scenes, which benefits investors.  If you get your PIE tax rate wrong and overpay your PIE tax, you will get a tax refund going forward.

Additionally, we are at the end of the financial year and there are some important tax issues that you need to be aware of.  See the link below.

And we have given an update on a couple more interesting podcasts that you might be interested in.

1. Tax issues - please note and change where relevant

2. Buy Now - Pay Later - What could go wrong? Well...

3. Is your PIE tax rate too high - going forward you can get a refund.

4. Some more interesting podcast info

February 2021 Newsletter

Property investment is the flavour of the month in the media in New Zealand. Discussion about prices continuing to increase, the un-affordability of property unless you are already in the market, and what can be (and will or won't be done) about the affordability issue.

In the meantime, with interest rates for term deposits at less than 1.00% and mortgage loan rates at 2.29% for 12 months, more people are looking at investing in 'get rich quick' property syndication schemes and rental property.  

More parents are (understandably) looking at purchasing a property so that their children will have a property live in, until  they can buy the property off their parents, or be gifted some of the property ownership in an advance or post death inheritance.

Combined with these issues are the changes to legislation, regulations and rules around landlords and tenants rights on February 11th 2021.  We provide an overview of these in this newsletter, along with a commentary on those 'syndicated property Trust' investments advertising 'too good to be true' interest rates.

Finally, we get a lot of our information from podcasts, and it is a great way to absorb news and other information while you are driving, exercising or gardening.  So we are kicking off a 'every now and then' article on some podcasts that we have enjoyed listening to - you might want to check these two out.  If you have a podcast that you are creating, or a podcast that you think other would enjoy, let us know by hitting reply to this newsletter and we will check it out

1. Changes to Landlord and Tenants Rights - February 11th 2021

2. Syndicated Property (Proportional Ownership/Partnerships)

3. A sometimes commentary on useful podcasts - Episode One

January 2021 Newsletter

Happy New Year, roll on 2021 - with vaccines and maybe slowly opening borders!

This month we are looking at how New Zealanders view ethical investing, and I have penned an account of our experience of purchasing a property at auction at the 'peak??' of the market, for a family member.  Finally we cover the issues associated with romance scams - and it isn't just the old people that get scammed!

1. Buying property at auction – a personal experience

2. Ethical Investing - New Zealanders opinions

3.Online Romance scams - be cyber aware please

2020 Newsletters

December 2020 Monthly Newsletter

It has been a long and transformational year, two elections (NZ and USA), and of course Covid, very little sport results and hardly any overseas travel.  But those aren't the only things that have changed in the world and we have copied information from a recent Fortune newsletter that we received that we thought would interest you 'three big changes in the post pandemic world.We also look at how advisers can help you to avoid panic selling at the bottom of a market fall, which is what lots of KiwiSaver members did in March, losing more than $80 milion.Another warning about scams from the Financial Markets Authority and our Christmas and holiday hours.

1. Moneyworks Christmas and Holiday Hours

2. Three big changes in a post-pandemic world.

3. Panic selling at the bottom of the market - how advisers can help to avoid this

4. Rise in scams impersonating NZ businesses during COVID-19

November 2020 Newsletter

More information this month on ethical investing, including a ground breaking 'impact investment' made by Generate for their KiwiSaver clients.Also a brief discussion about New Zealand Superannuation, in the context of the new 'Purpose of the New Zealand Retirement Income System' statement, for your information.

1. The purpose of NZ's retirement income system

2. The Six Stages of Ethical Investment Awareness

3. Generate KiwiSaver actively engaging in 'impact investing'

October 2020 Newsletter

Our focus this month is on how long you are going to live for (with a nifty life expectancy calculator), and a few thoughts on what you might want to do to have a long and satisfying retirement.  There is also a small video with ideas on how to save more and some data on what happened to the criminal market for stolen credit card information when Covid hit.

1. What is a typical lifespan in New Zealand today?

2. What is the ideal age to retire?

 3 Psychological tricks to help you save money

4. Stolen or hacked credit cards - how has Covid affected the black market?

September 2020 Newsletter

This month two major pieces of research were released in New Zealand:

1. Financial Services Council  looking at Money & You, and the levels of New Zealand Financial Literacy and the role of Financial Advice and
2.CFFC (Commission for FInancial Capability - used to be the Retirement Commissioner) Financial Capability Barometer for 2018 -2019.

The key findings that are likely to affect you are that most New Zealanders don't have enough saved for retirement, but that those New Zealanders who work with a financial adviser are better off, get better investment returns and are more comfortable about their financial situation and future.  We have profiled these two bits of research below.

We have also told you a little bit about a fund-raising ride that Sally is doing in November to raise funds for Pedal4Prostate - we would appreciate it if you were able to assist her with some sponsorship - even if it is only $10.00 - it is tax deductible.

And finally - if you can find around 8 minutes, take some time watch the mesmerising feather balancing act - watch it all the way to the end!

1. The value of financial advice - Money & You research

2. How do New Zealanders view their financial situation - and how optimistic are they?

3. Ride for Prostate Cancer Research - can you help out Sally?

4.  Mesmerising Feather balancing act - something a little bit different to watch

August 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Having investments that don't 'do bad' is important to Moneyworks and to many of our clients.Ethical investing is a relatively new concept and is still in it's early days.  Moneyworks have committed to educating ourselves through the UN PRI Academy and to understanding the approach to Ethical Investing of our recommended fund managers.We have set ourselves a goal of having completed our education and a thorough analysis by the end of 2021 - and we are aiming to share our findings with our clients during 2022.  We will communicate more with you as we learn more in future newsletters, but this newsletter provides some background for you. 
1. Ethical Investing - Moneyworks approach

2. Ethical Investing – the different terminologies

3. Ethical Investing – how do we know what our fund managers are doing?

July 2020 Monthly Newsletter

This month we are talking about insurance - what do you have to do with insurance if you are building or renovating, with a checklist to download on our website to make sure you get it right!We are also sharing some information on our experience with helping clients with their life, trauma and income protection insurance claims over the last 2 years - it is a great story.Over the last 20 years many insurance companies have changed their names, it is difficult to keep track of it - we have summarise these changes (and the ones already this year) below for you.

1. How your insurance actually works for you when you need to claim

2. Building or Renovation Insurance - who is responsible? (with thanks to Bridges Insurances)

3. Now which insurance company was that again?

June 2020 Monthly Newsletter

This month, we are all about KiwiSaver.  There have been some recent changes in KiwiSaver legislation, not the least of which means that if you are aged between 18 & 65 you will receive a Retirement Balance Projection on your KiwiSaver statement this year.We have covered this information in this newsletter, in particular, outlining what assumptions those projections are based on - it is important to understand how these assumptions will impact on the information in your statement.We have also provided some information from Chapman Tripp on changes to New Zealand legislation that will allow 'lost' Australian Superannuation to eventually be brought back to New Zealand KiwiSaver investments, and a comment on people changing the risk profile of their KiwiSaver around the bottom of the markets with the recent Coronavirus Crisis.

1. It really isn't possible to 'time' the markets - investors with $1.4 billion in KiwiSaver funds learned this in March

2. What does the 'KiwiSaver Retirement Projection' on your KiwiSaver Statement mean?

3. 'Lost' Australian Super may be able to be bought back to KiwiSaver - thanks to Chapman Tripp

4. Things you may not know about KiwiSaver5. Changes to KiwiSaver this year

May 2020 Monthly Newsletter

This is a newsletter that was sent out on Monday May 11th 2020, to Moneyworks Financial Planning and Investment Clients that we work with on an ongoing basis.  It has quite a lot of interesting information, so we thought we would share it with you this month.It has been a long time since the start of 2020.

Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with our Level 2 lockdown being available from Thursday 14th May, we thought that this was a good time to review where we have been, where we are now and what might be happening ahead, particularly as it relates to your investments.

We feel that with all the uncertainty and turmoil we have seen both in New Zealand and around the world in recent times, we should also be thankful that New Zealand (to date) has acted quickly and responsibly and we have avoided the worst of what we have seen in other parts of the world. We have a real opportunity to come out of lockdown quickly and get out of our bubbles and back to work. 

At Moneyworks, we intend to support local businesses and markets hit hard by the Covid-19 virus, like travel. We can all do this by buying locally and holidaying in New Zealand as much as we can.

Although the reasons for the recent chaos in financial markets is quite different from what we have seen in the past, the volatility is not, we have been here before on many occasions and each time have  come out the other side.

If you would like to discuss your investments, what is happening with them, whether we should be making any changes, contact your adviser as usual on, or at their email address.

1. The Coronavirus world since start of 2020

2. What happened to your investments?

3. So what happened to turn the markets around?

4. Where are we at now?

5. What about the economy and life from now?6. Recommendations for the current environment

April 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Tax Issues
Even with the world turned upside down with Covid-19, the 31st March end of tax year still applies.  In this newsletter, we have outlined the things that you should be thinking about in terms of your tax.
Covid-19 and your insurance premiums

If your financial situation has been impacted from Covid-19 and lockdown, and you are struggling with paying your insurance premiums, each insurer that we deal with has an option for you to put your insurance premiums on hold.  Please note however, that for some insurers, they have decided that while your premium is on hold, you will have no insurance cover.  The rules are different for each company.
If you would like more information on putting your insurance premiums on hold for a month or two – please email us at

1. PIE Tax

2. FIF/FDR Tax Regime on Overseas Investments

3. Tax Adjustments/Package available for indviduals and businesses under the Covid-19 Crisis Environment

Covid-19 Special Newsletter - what about your KiwiSaver and Insurance and what can you get from the Government package?

We are proud of our Government and the people of New Zealand for the actions that we are taking to prevent deaths from Covid-19 in New Zealand.  It is going to be an interesting 4 weeks (or more), lots of new experiences within our homes with our family.  

Many people have found themselves with financial stressors as their work has ended - particularly if their work is involved in people facing work and they are unable to work from home. 

This newsletter is to highlight in one place the resources available to you and your family and friends - to make sure that you are able to take advantage of the Government assistance.  

We have also put in some notes where relevant about the things to consider with your financial planning.

1. Questions about your KiwiSaver or Insurance cover?

2. Wage Subsidy Scheme

3. Additional income for NZ Superannuitants and Beneficiaries

4. Six month mortgage holiday if your income has been disrupted

5. Business support package

6. Changes to the Resident With-holding Tax Rules on 1st April 2020

February 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Dart Throwing monkeys?  This is based on a random theory that dart throwing monkeys can actually do better than active managers, but the research doesn't stack up.  Read more below.

IRD is cracking down on Airbnb tax payers this year (using technology) .  We are also looking at how 'fast fashion' is not great for the environment.

1. Dart Throwing Monkeys (or, why active investment management really does work)2. Airbnb Tax Crackdown3. Fast fashion and the impact on the environment

March 2020 Monthly Newsletter

This month we are focussing on investments, investment strategies and recent market fluctuations, with three articles.

1. Investment Markets - recent fluctuations

2. Warning to DIY investors investing in foreign investments

3. It is time IN the market, NOT timing the market - the value of Finology

January 2020 Monthly Newsletter

Happy New Year, the start of the new decade, hopefully it is a great one for you.

This month a few relevant items that we thought you should know about, they won't all apply to you, but might be relevant for someone that you know.

1. Rental income – new ring-fencing rules

2. Our new and updated website

3. The Sky City Fire - who will pay the bill? (with thanks to Bridges Insurances)

2019 Newsletters

December 2019 Newsletter

This month we update you on our Christmas and holiday hours, but  also cover a new report that shows what our existing membership fee clients already know - that using an adviser can increase your investment returns by 5% pa or more. We are also banging on about why Enduring Powers of Attorney are so important - with supporting evidence!

Have a great festive season, and see you next year

.1How using an adviser can increase your investment return by 5% pa or more

2. Our holiday hours

3. Enduring Powers of Attorney and why you need to put them in place

November 2019

November 2019 Newsletter

As we have signalled to our Membership Fee clients in the last two years, there are major changes coming up for Family Trusts in New Zealand.  If you are involved with a Trust, you need to be aware of these changes, most particularly on the assumed knowledge of Trustees and the assumed rights and knowledge of beneficiaries.  Please read the updated article below if this applies to you.
1. New Trusts Act
2. Tax Refunds and How To Make Sure You Get Them
3. Online Relationship Breakup Tool
4. Sole Trader vs Company?  What should I do? (with thanks to Beany)

October 2019

October 2019 Newsletter
Three important articles this month on different topics.  Let your adviser know any questions.
1. Permanent or Temporary Loss of your Capital
2More changes for rental property owners and tenants
3. Permanent or Temporary Loss of your Capital

September 2019

September 2019 Newsletter
We welcome a new team member to Moneyworks this month – Sally Mellor, as well as helping our team and their families with their Wellness, her services are also available to our clients in the Waikato and Raglan regions at a subsidised rate through Moneyworks.
We also cover issues with New Zealand Super that you need to be aware of, and why you need to claim when something happens on your Fire & General Insurance – even if it wasn’t your fault.  And finally a good change to KiwiSaver to enable people with life-shortening illnesses or disabilities to access their KiwiSaver funds earlier.

1. Walking the Talk – Moneyworks new Wellness Coach and Mobile Fitness Trainer – Sally Mellor
2. Understanding New Zealand Superannuation and noting the pitfalls
3. It wasn’t my fault – why do I have to claim? (With thanks to Bridges Insurance)
4. Changes to KiwiSaver Act to enable people with life -shortening congenital condition to access KiwiSaver funds before age 65

August 2019

August 2019 Newsletter

We have covered some insurance expenses and extended warranty costs that probably aren’t worth you spending money on this month, and also shared some of the information that we study when making your investment recommendations.
1. Junk Insurances – available at your local bank and retailer
2. Should you buy those extended warranties?
3. Global Predictions for share of GDP = Asia the powerhouse

July 2019

June 2019

June 2019 Newsletter

This month we have a range of financial planning related topics – whether you should guarantee your children’s house purchase (or anything for that matter!), why you should have income protection insurance and a look at the regime of credit scores and what it means for people in China.

1. Should you ‘go guarantor’ to help your children buy into their first home – the Mum & Dad Bank.
2. Big Brother and China’s ‘dystopian credit scores’
3. Why bother having income protection insurance?

April 2019

April 2019 Newsletter

We are covering tax rates, house & contents insurance and more requirements for landlords this month. REMINDER: From 1st April 2019 you can contribute to KiwiSaver at 6% or 10% of your income as well as 3%, 4% or 8%.  Is this a good time to increase your payments?
1. It’s risky if your tax rates aren’t correct
2. More requirements for landlords
3. When getting insurance for your house contents becomes a problem.
4. Upcoming KiwiSaver changes

March 2019

Technology is impacting all sectors of life & there are risks to people seeking new insurance cover when insurance companies can use your information.
In this newsletter we look at three topics relating to technology and insurers:

1. What might happen in the future with insurance cover and the use of artificial intelligence

2. Insurance and DNA Testing

3. Wearable Devices and Insurance

February 2019

Our focus this month is on changes to New Zealand Taxation return filing,  renting out your property on Airbnb, then a quick look at a commentary from Carl Richards on ‘how to talk about money’.If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact your adviser.
1. Changes to Tax Returns, automatic assessments from 01/04/2019

2. Thinking of renting out your property on Air Bnb or Book a Bach? – Issues to consider

3. How to talk about money (Carl Richards – The New York Times)

January 2019

January 2019 Newsletter
For the first time in years, we are seeing some changes to the structure of KiwiSaver, enhancing it for all members.  We have outlined these below – although they still have to be passed through Parliament (anticipated in February/March 2019).
1. Changes to KiwiSaver (proposed and actual)
2. Property Relationships Act – and changes in Society – a review by the Law Commission
3.  #Open Your World – Heineken – Worlds Apart

2018 Newsletters

December 2018

December 2018 Newsletter

After 9 years of markets generally going up, we have seen the much anticipated correction over recent months.  It can be difficult to deal with this emotionally as an investor, but our job as your adviser, is to remind you that this is normal, needed and things will eventually go up again.  We have given you the great ANZ graph below – that shows how markets do go up – even with the bumps along the way, as a reminder.
I have been writing this newsletter just about every month for 16 years now, and until now and apart from letting you know about the Charity Project – the Cambridge Garden Festival, I haven’t promoted any commercial product.  So, please indulge me by giving you information below on the latest offerings from the revamped website of Carole Hughes Artist – who has been closely involved with Moneyworks since our launch.  They will make great Christmas presents – for yourself or a friend.
Have a wonderful Festive Season and Safe travels over the holidays.
Regards  Carey (and Peter, Paul and Melanie)

1. End of Year Closedown and Christmas Hours
2. History Shows that investment markets rise over time
3. A Christmas Gift? For yourself or a friend?

November 2018

November 2018 Newsletter
There has been a lot of change in the world of life insurance companies during 2018.  The recent announcement of the sale of the AMP life insurance book to Resolution Capital and the spinning off of AMP’s wealth, KiwiSaver and advice businesses into an IPO in 2019 follows the sale of Sovereign to AIA and of OnePath Life to Cigna earlier in the year.

None of these sales will affect the terms and conditions of your insurance policies directly – as this is a contractual relationship with you.

However, last week Southern Cross Healthcare announced a significant change to their policies for all policyholders, which does impact on your terms and conditions.  The difference is that  ……..
We have summarised what is happening with each deal and situation below.
1. AMP – sale of insurance book to Resolution Life and splitting off of NZ Wealth business
2. Southern Cross Healthcare removal of benefits (and guaranteed policy wording benefits)
3. Sale of Sovereign to AIA and OnePath to Cigna

October 2018

October 2018 Newsletter
Be very careful and cautious about what you get in the mail please. Keeping your information and money safe is vital to your financial success.  Cyber Security is a huge risk these days, and the phishing and ransomware scams are very sophisticated now.
As our membership clients will know, we consider that reminding our clients of this issue and assisting them to stay safe is a key part of what we do as their financial planner. This newsletter highlights recent developments and issues that you need to be aware of.
Please read these and take action.
1Be very careful and cautious about what you get in the mail please
2. Recent news on various scams in New Zealand
3. Protect your online self
4. Keep calm and carry on

September 2018

September 2018 Newsletter
Like all financial solutions, the world of Fire and General insurance is continually changing.  This is not an area that we are specialists in at Moneyworks, but it is a key part of our clients financial planning.
This newsletter is dedicated to some of the recent changes to this kind of insurance that you need to be aware of, and is a reminder to know what your insurance covers, and how it works.
1. House, car, contents insurance – important changes and issues you need to know about
2. The shared driveway insurance catch you need to know about
3. Insurers refusing new insurance in certain locations
4. Cambridge Garden Festival

August 2018

July 2018

July 2018 Newsletter
This month, we are focussing on investing.  It can be hard to keep your nerve when the media is shouting bad news about investments and the economic outlook in their headlines.  But investing for the long term works.  Warren Buffett is the master of long term investing, and this video on the Indian Economic Times is from the 2018 AGM of Berkshire Hathaway, and really ilustrates the long term value of investing.

On that theme, a number of our clients invest for their children and grandchildren, for tertiary study, to assist them with their future, buying a house, or other reasons.  We have outlined how this works for your reference in the second article. Our third article is a light look at how much people would pay to be able to use Google (from the Economist.)

1. Berkshire Hathaway AGM: Warren Buffett shares investing insights
2. Opening an investment for your children or grandchildren
3. How much would you pay to keep using Google?

June 2018

June 2018 Newsletter
Over the last few months we have had far more than usual queries from our clients about whether they should invest in residential rental property.
This has come about as people see prices of properties soaring throughout the country, and as people own their own home, the thinking is ‘it can’t be that hard, you just buy a property and sit back as the prices go up and you make money’.
We totally understand this perception, so thought it was a good time to update you on the pitfalls of investing in rental property.
The rental property industry is continually changing and as a potential investor you need to be aware of all of these things.  Note – these comments are in no particular order!
1. The challenges of investing in residential rental property
2. Managing your rental property
3. Residential investment property and taxation issues

May 2018

May 2018 Newsletter
The revelations from the Australian Financial Services Royal Commission have shocked people.  The unethical behaviour (in spite of legislative requirements), the unabashed pursuit of profit at the expense of clients in the main four banks and AMP, and lying to the regulator.
Criminal charges might be laid in Australia, but with the current reforms to the New Zealand Financial Advisory legislation working its way through consultation,  the bias of the current drafts towards the Vertically Integrated Organisations of ASB, ANZ, AMP, BNZ and Westpac are being questioned.
Moneyworks have a transparent relationship with ANZ Wealth, with no quotas or restrictions, we deal with them because they have great products for our clients.  But the mortgage broking side of the banks is driven by quota’s, production requirements and the expectation the we will move  our clients mortgages to fulfil those production quota’s, irrespective of our legal requirement to ‘put the interests of our clients first’.  As a consequence, we have resigned from being a mortgage broker, but have established a relationship with a specialist mortgage broker to assist your cilents.  Read more below.
1. The Financial Services Royal Commission in Australia
2. What does the Australian Financial Services Royal Commission mean for New Zealand?
3. Quota’s, incentives, and Moneyworks withdrawal from offering mortgage advice

April 2018

April 2018 Newsletter
Travel insurance is vital, a reminder of this to start off the newsletter this month, then a quick look at the role of investment indexes in monitoring investment performance.  Finally a light look at some kids test answers – a bit of a laugh.
1. Travel Insurance is pretty important stuff
2. Global Investment Indexes outnumber Mongolians – what does this mean for monitoring your investments?
3. Are these the best kids test answers ever?

March 2018

March 2018 Newsletter
Retirement tends to be a common goal for our clients (although some people want to keep working until they drop dead).  But the key thing about having a goal of stopping work and living off your savings as compared to earning an income, is that you need to be healthy to achieve all those goals and dreams.
This newsletter is dedicated to that topic, balancing up future goals with enjoying the present, but making sure that you stay as healthy as possible to enjoy those three stages of retirement.
1. Your health and your financial planning
2. What might your retirement look like – the three stages of retirement
3. So… how long are YOU going to live for?

February 2018

Anything can be big business now, the world has changed.  Our 7th trip to the Australian Tennis Open highlighted how much money there is in ‘superstar’ profile, professional sport and sponsorship.

Mastering social media and a profile appears to be the key (oh, as well as being able to play great tennis).

We have shared our experiences, thoughts and some funny videos relating to tennis below.
1. Taking a break from reality – the Australian Tennis Open

2. Tennis, Business and Money

3. Some entertaining tennis videos/ads

January 2018

January 2018 Newsletter
Happy New Year, hasn’t it been a tumultuous summer weather wise.
For the start of the year, we are looking at the role of money in your relationship.  It is such an important issue and is a major factor in friction and divorce within relationships.
We also give you a link to a quiz to work out your money personality, 5 tips for your finances for 2018 and a financial ‘To-Do’ list.
If you are ready (as a New Year Resolution) to take control of your future, and want to organise a free 45 minute Financial Strategy Session, click here.
For Carey and Peters clients – just to let you know that we are off to watch the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne from Thursday 18th to Thursday 25th January, so will be out of the office.
1.The impact of money on your relationship
2. What is your money personality?
3. 5 tips on how to be better with money in 2018
4. A Financial To-Do List


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