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Annual Review Project Information

This is the information that you will receive in your 2024 Annual Review about our topics to discuss this year

Moneyworks Investment Approach - Quarterly Stock Intersections, Fund Manager Project & Stewart Investors Profile

Moneyworks Investment Approach - Quarterly Stock Intersections, Fund Manager Project & Stewart Investors Profile

Fund Manager Focus – Stewart Worldwide Sustainability Leaders

1.    B-Corp through their parent company First Sentier

2.    New Zealand PIE and currency fund.

3.    Small management team (but manage $1.2 billion+ in this strategy).  Believe in small management rather than lots of people – have spun out of bigger teams. 

4.    30 – 40 securities 

5.    Co Portfolio Manager model – but don’t believe in investment by committee, but all investments are discussed in detail, in person, by email and by phone/ video conference. 

6.    All investment team members sign the Hippocratic Oath (see picture below) 

7.    Investment Philosophy built on five core pillars 

a.     Long Termism 

b.    Absolute Return mindset 

c.     Bottom up approach 

d.    Quality 

e.     Sustainability 

8.    Choose investments through:

a.     Investment Trips to meet management, directors and teams 

b.    Companies, Peers, Suppliers, Competitors 

c.     Follow People 

d.    Cultural Hotspots (geographical) 

e.     Research Tender Inputs

f.      Do own research, don’t use external data inputs 

9.    Criteria for investment selection include: 

a.     History of the company 

b.    Humility

c.     Integrity 

d.    Avoiding investing in companies that have the following identifiers [Political Patronage or Reliance, Tax as a % of revenues – ie if not paying enough tax, ethics] Successful companies build a unique culture with a consistent focus on operational excellence – who act consistently over time (regardless of any short term pressures). 

10. Establish, sponsor and co-ordinate various organisations, including Plastics India, Access to Medicine Foundation (India). 

11. RIAA Leader

Moneyworks Investment Approach

As part of our entry to the Ethical Financial Adviser of the Year in 2023 we developed two diagrams, one about our Client Offering and one outlining our Investment Offering to clients.  We have provided you with a copy of the Investment Offering in the back of the report (and below if you don’t get a hard copy of the Annual Review).

This diagram shows you the detail of what we are doing behind the scenes, and we want to highlight two key processes that we undertake.  We will talk to you about these, but if there is anything else from this diagram that you wish to discuss, just let us know.

1.    Quarterly Stock Intersection Analysis

 i.     Live since June 2022 (not possible without Millie Moneybot’s data crunching ability)

ii.     Our recommended investment managers provide us with their portfolio details quarterly.

iii.     Report on changes to their portfolios each quarter

iv.     Comparison of actual holdings with other fund managers to ensure fund managers aren’t just holding the same companies.

2.    Annual Fund Manager Project 2023

  •  Back to Basics, what is their actual process, what research do they subscribe to, how do they make their decisions, who does what?

  • Australian FSC report available

  • Meeting with fund managers in person (bulk) or Video Conference.

  • Informs our recommendations (eg Kernel Moonshots Innovation Fund)

3.    Annual Fund Manager Project 2024 

  • Communications (assessing type, how often and the value to our team). 

  • External Research Reports Analysis.


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