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Content of Annual Review Document

Our Annual Review document is a core part of our client offering, is sent to our clients (mainly in hard copy) a minimum of five working days before our meeting and clients are aware that their role is read the document prior to the meeting.  This leaves us time to talk about where they are at and share our knowledge in the meeting.

Each year we have an annual review project, in 2022 this was introducing Ethical Investing, in 2023 we taught our clients about how a 'top down' investment manager selects investments, and also about the latest developments in Animal Testing. 

In 2024, we are telling our clients about what we do 'behind the scenes' with our Investment Offering, explaining the Fund Manager Project, the Quarterly Stock Intersections and highlighting a 'bottom up' fund manager - Stewart.

Other years, we have done projects on Trusts, Cyber Security, Fire & General Insurance.

Our cover letter outlines the agenda for the year and issues that our clients need to be aware of, and is not focussed on the investment environment.  To see the 2024 cover letter, click here.

To see the 2024 Annual Project, click here.

These are sent to clients in January as an overview and then in their Annual Review document.

We have provided you with anonymised copies of the 2022 and 2023  and 2024 Annual Review documents (on the buttons on the left) for you to peruse.  The first two documents are for the same client and have been specifically chosen because there is quite a difference between the wife and husbands approach to ethical investing - to illustrate how our personalised analysis works.  The 2024 document is a different client and we anonymised the DOB and other private information.


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