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Doing good and making the world a better place

These are fund managers using your investment funds to change the world.  They are investing in sustainable investments, in renewable energy and investments that fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (of the UN).

Each of our recommended ethical fund managers have a different approach to ethical investing. This can range from concentrating on a particular type of investment (Water), to a specific asset class (emerging Australian Equities), to having a fully diversified investment fund that invests in all types of assets, but focuses on sustainability and impact.

These investments can include a focus on 'green buildings' (which reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from commercial industrial buildings), to focussing on education and healthcare developments an initiatives.

It is important that the funds that we recommend are true to label and are continually evolving, and the unique and proprietary Ethical Investment Analysis that we use provides us with the tools to monitor and understand our existing fund managers practices and to discover new investment options.


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