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Green Washing

This simply means claiming to do something on the label of a product, which is not actually true.  

It is easy to label an investment fund or KiwiSaver investment as 'green', 'responsible', 'ethical', 'sustainable', and to use words to claim that the fund invests that way.  It can be difficult to work out whether the claims are true or not and in the 2022 Mindful Money and RIAA 'From Values to Riches' report, a large number of people are concerned about how they will work out if they are being greenwashed or not.

Ensuring that our clients money is indeed ethically invested led us to partner with Mindful Money to develop our Ethical Investment Analysis where we can do a deep analysis of the actual holdings in each fund. This deep analysis supplements our research and discussions and knowledge of the fund and fund manager and enables us to report on a personalised basis for each client.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools to understand the materiality of any exposure to 'nasties' and be confident that their ethical investments are not Green Washing.


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