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Our process - when you get in touch with us

Our process - when you get in touch with us

Step One - We give you a call to have chat

We look forward to talking with you and finding out more about your situation.  This initial phone conversation is so that we can explore your interests, and answer your initial questions.

During this chat, we will also work out the best person for you to engage with on our team, we all have different skills and areas of speciality, so we can match you up with the best person.

If you want to go to the next step, we will organise to send you some 'homework' (two on line questionnaires so that we can find out more about you and your investment risk profile and thoughts about ethical investing).  We will also organise a meeting with you (in person or on Video Conference).  We would appreciate it if you could complete the homework before the meeting, so that we can do some preparation and we can make the best use of that meeting time.

Step Two - Homework complete - 1:1 meeting

We have a meeting with you (in person or on Video Conference) and talk about your situation, goals, and ethical preferences.  We will answer as many questions as possible in this meeting (but some things we might have to go away and research, which we can do when we prepare your Investment Plan/Statement of Advice).

At the end of this meeting, we will both know whether it is appropriate for us to do more research for you and develop your Statement of Advice/Investment Plan.  There will be a fee for this (which will depend on your situation and the kinds of existing investments you have in place).  We will be able to tell you what this cost is and the scope of our service at the end of this meeting.

Step Three - Research, Analysis and Preparation of Investment Plan

We will undertake the research and analysis for your Investment Plan/Statement of Advice, including your personalised Ethical Investment Analysis.

We will courier this to you (within New Zealand), and let you know when we have sent it.  Please ensure that you read this document and note down all your questions for our next meeting.

Step Four - Answering your questions and implementation

This is when we start working together.  We will get together (in person or by Video Conference) to discuss the research and recommendations in your Statement of Advice/Investment Plan, and to answer all your questions.

This is the meeting where we implement the recommendations that we have made for you.

Step Five - Working together and monitoring

Once the recommendations have been implemented, we work together, communicating by email mainly and some phone discussions during the year to get everything working and set up.  We also work with your legal and accounting advisers where appropriate.

Our monthly newsletter is an important part of our communications and advice, so we encourage you to look at it when we send it.

We will then meet annually - as outlined in Step Six.

Step Six - Annual Reviews

The annual review process is a vital part of our advice to you.  We will prepare your annual review document and updated ethical investment analysis prior to the meeting and we aim to have it to you 5 working days before our meeting.  We generally meet around the same time each year, either in person or by video conference.

To get the best value from this process, we ask you to read this document in advance of the meeting, make notes of your questions and think about the questions that we pose.

At the meeting, we will go through the Steps to Take Now, update any administration matters and discuss your situation, goals, health and your investments. We will also have a project to discuss with you each year, which could range from specific issues relating to ethical investing to whether your fire & general insurance is up to date, to making sure that your cyber security is as good as it can be.

After this meeting, we will share our notes with you for your records and implement any actions from the meeting.


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