Moneyworks Team

Carey Church

AFA, Managing Director and Financial Planner

Carey is an experienced financial planner and Authorised Financial Adviser, CFP and CLU.  She is passionate about working with people to achieve their goals and dreams. Having worked closely with clients since 1997, she has seen a number of clients successfully retire, and others where the insurance solutions that they implemented have worked successfully to protect them against illness and unexpected death.

Carey has engaged in ongoing professional development throughout her career, to ensure that her knowledge is as up to date as possible, to assist her clients.  At present, Carey is studying a Law Degree (with Honours) at Waikato University part time.  This study is assisting her in understanding the world that we operate in, and also in keeping up to date with the increasing compliance and regulatory requirements for financial planning firms in New Zealand.

As an experienced seminar presenter, it is important to Carey that she keeps up to date with all issues relating to financial planning and to liaise closely with Peter (Investment Research Manager) and Paul (Investment Research Associate and Insurance specialist) in the business.

As well as working with her clients and presenting seminars, Carey is the Managing Director of Moneyworks NZ Ltd.  This involves running the business, ensuring all regulatory and compliance requirements are fulfilled and preparing the regular email client newsletters and  the annual review documentation for our membership fee clients.

Carey and Peter have recently completed the build of their dream home in Cambridge and have relocated from Turangi to Cambridge in late 2016.  As well as indulging in her passions for gardening, cooking and various types of exercise, Carey joins Peter on overseas cycling holidays – usually self guided and self supported.  Carey is also an active member of the Rotary Club of Cambridge and is the project lead for the Rotary Cambridge Garden Festival fundraising event.

Carey’s registration number is FSP 86101 and Moneyworks is a member of the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman Disputes Resolution Scheme.

Peter Church

AFA, Financial Planner and Investment Research Manager

Peter is an experienced financial planner and an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). After beginning a career in accountancy and getting half way through a Bachelor in Business Studies, Peter chose to pursue a lifestyle career as a professional fly fishing guide.

Over the next twenty years, Peter established a worldwide reputation as a leading fly-fishing guide. During this time he worked with international, self-made businesspeople, successful CEOs and Corporate Managers.

This gave him a strong appreciation of the value of prudent money management, protection and the results of setting and achieving goals. While still guiding, in 1997 he established Moneyworks with his wife Carey. Peter was heavily involved in the strategic direction and management of Moneyworks, becoming Research Manager in 1998, learning about relevant issues relating to financial products and the industry in general.

In addition to his passion in helping his clients achieve their goals and dreams, Peter leads the investment research function of Moneyworks. Peter was a participant of an external investment committee from 2009-2015 and works closely with another financial planner to develop the investment strategy for Moneyworks and that financial planners business.

He undertakes extensive and ongoing research into the investment solutions offered to our clients, and into the international economic and financial environment.

Peter brings a strong client service ethic, an enquiring mind and a love of working with people to his role of Financial Planner. As well as his interest in identifying and monitoring investments. Peter enjoys seeing insurance solutions work for clients. 

Peter is also passionate about educating clients and assisting them in understanding the financial issues facing them.

Carey and Peter have recently completed the build of their dream home in Cambridge and have relocated from Turangi to Cambridge in late 2016. As well as indulging in his passions for fishing,(helping Carey with gardening chores), playing cricket with the 'ancients' and various types of exercise, Peter joins Carey on overseas cycling holidays – usually self guided and self supported.

Peter’s registration number is FSP 86201. Moneyworks is a member of the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman Disputes Resolution Scheme.

Paul Swarbrick

AFA, Financial Planner and Investment Research Associate

Paul is an Authorised Financial Adviser and a Financial Planner. He works with Moneyworks Membership Fee clients to help them achieve their financial planning goals, including looking at their investments, KiwiSaver, insurance, cashflow planning and retirement savings arrangements as well as with some other clients to help them ensure that their insurances, and investment options are appropriate for them.

Paul joined Moneyworks in 2012 from a long career in banking, finance and commercial financing. During this time he assisted many clients to arrange finance for their homes and projects and had a stint in Papua New Guinea in Sales Management.

Paul has worked with insurance clients for the last 10 years and provides us with his valuable knowledge of the new and innovative insurance solutions available in the New Zealand market and with Membership Fee Clients for the last four years.

Paul lives in Auckland with his teenage daughter Grace, who works as an Administration and Projects Manager. His elder daughter Chloe has completed a BA and a Law Degree (LLB) at Auckland and is now a Member of Parliament.

Apart from spending time with his daughters, Paul spends time trying to improve his golf handicap.
Paul’s registration number is FSP 410766. Moneyworks is a member of the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman Disputes Resolution Scheme.

Melanie Finnie

Administration Manager

Melanie joined Moneyworks in March 2017 to work on a variety of projects. Over the next twelve months, she became an invaluable team member and became the Administration Manager of Moneyworks in March 2018.

Melanie oversees all of the administration related aspects of the business, working closely with the three advisers, as well as continuing in her role with projects and upskilling to take on various compliance management roles (AML/CFT to start with).

The core part of her role is to ensure that clients queries are answered, the annual reviews and financial plans are produced in a timely and accurate manner and that the follow up work from meetings is well organised and processed. Melanie audits the work that the advisers do from an administration perspective to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

The projects that Melanie works on range from those that are designed to ensure that the business operates at leading edge best practice level, to client supporting projects (liaising with clients accounting advisers in relation to information for tax returns), to a wide variety of internally focussed projects that ensure that Moneyworks projects are streamlined and as effective and efficient as possible.

Melanie brings extensive experience to Moneyworks from her tertiary education and her previous roles, which included 5 years as a Senior Property Consultant working with acquisition and disposal of Crown Land under The Public Works Act. This role built on Melanie’s previous legal experience, and involved negotiation with lawyers, valuers, and landowners as well as drafting Crown contracts and meeting with land owners.

Melanie lives Raglan with her husband Peter and 9 year old son Dane. When she is not working or spending time with Dane and Peter, she enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and food, reading, watching Netflix, walking, and swimming. Mel’s husband Peter works in the bee industry and construction industry and he likes to surf and fish in his spare time.

Sally Mellor – Wellness Coach & Mobile Fitness Trainer

Originally from the UK and now proud to be a Kiwi, Sally is a qualified exercise professional and Oov accredited trainer, with over 7 years experience in the fitness industry. Every year Sally undergoes professional development to keep her armed with the most up to date information.

Spending her life participating in sport & with a thirst for understanding the best training methods & programming for each discipline along the way, Sally has had a hand in devising training schedules for various teams & codes, coaching running groups from ‘couch to 5k’, 10k & half marathons, coaching juniors at kayaking & for a time teaching children with disabilities to swim.

Sally has also worked with teams & individuals to compete in events, including Rowing, Iron Man, Running, Equestrian Games, Gymnastics, Cycling & Netball. As well as sport specific programming for both Running – 5k, 10k, Half Marathons , Marathons & cycling events.

Having an exercising husband with insulin dependent diabetes, Sally also has a hands on knowledge of dealing with this challenging condition. She also has experience in training individuals with Multiple Sclerosis & Downs Syndrome. Working alongside allied professionals, Sally has been instrumental in assisting recovery for various surgeries & injuries, including a head injury, breaks, strains & soft tissue damage.

For Sally, it’s all about the client & their goals. Her over-riding priority is to keep clients safe whilst empowering people to create sustainable change, within a supportive environment at their pace working towards a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Sally walks the talk and won’t ask anyone to do anything she’s not 100% sure they can do and never asks anything of anyone that she’s not done or prepared to do herself. She is an expert at designing measurement and goal setting plans, armed with ample sports & life experience to help support you to smash your goals!

As well as running her own mobile fitness training business, Sally works on the team at Moneyworks, as their in-house Wellness Coach – helping the Moneyworks team, their families and clients to get to and through retirement.

Sporting Life Experience:                                                                        

  • Gymnastics,
  • Swimming (representing her town)
  • Hockey
  • Karate
  • National level road Sidecar racing - as the passenger
  • Rowing for both Derby & Nottingham & Union Rowing clubs in the UK
  • Competitive Running at club level
  • Touch Rugby
  • Kayaking
  • Waka Ama
  • Dragonboat at National championship level
  • Cycling

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