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We expect our fund managers to do this, so we feel we should do this too.

As mentioned, we see our relationship with our recommended fund managers as being a partnership (while being aware of any confirmation bias that might develop from having a strong relationship). We want to know our fund managers well, but we also want them to be the best that they can be.

As a result we have committed to actively engaging with our fund managers to help them be the best, to do the best for our clients.  Active Engagement may be around a particular investment and asking what action they are taking with a controversy and their stewardship, or it may be sharing our knowledge about the financial advisory industry in New Zealand to assist them with their distribution.  

We maintain an Active Engagement Register, a screenshot is shown on the left and the 2022 Active Engagement Register is attached for you to download and peruse.

This is a recently received comment from an Australian Fund Manager that we have been engaging with for the last year about the depth of their Ethical/ESG policy:

"Thanks for your involvement in the process. I think you provided some excellent food for thought and you were the spark for a very worthwhile project and conversation."



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