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Cutting through the greenwashing

This reporting is the key that enables us to have confidence in our claims that we provide clients with Ethical investments.  Using the Mindful Money research and combining it with the data crunching ability of our robot Millie, we are able to provide a personalised report for each client in their financial plan and each annual review, showing what 'nasties' they have exposure to.

With our Quarterly Stock Intersections Analysis, since the start of 2024, we are able to update the source data from Mindful Money with known 'nasties' every quarter, providing as up to date information as possible for our clients.

This works in conjunction with our education to build their ethical investing approach and enables us to tailor portfolios if for example a client is adamant that they don't want any exposure to weapons (which has happened).

An anonymised copy of an analysis from 2024's annual review is available on the left for you to download, and the photos show the kind of graphs and tables that deliver the message.


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