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What is this and how do we use it?

Using our data crunching robot, Millie, we access information quarterly on all of the funds being monitored and recommended. We have agreements with all our fund managers that this information is confidential and used in-house for our purposes.

The process has four main outputs:

  1. What has changed in the fund managers portfolio in the last quarter - enabling us to understand what is happening and how the fund manager is adding value (or not).

  2. After de-duplicating information (as fund managers call the same company different things, eg National Australia Bank could be NAB or Nat. Aust. Bank), Millie prepares worksheets for us to use to look at the actual holdings of the fund managers that we are analysing.

  3. We then manually compare the holdings of different fund managers in our investment committee meeting.  Our goal is to ensure that we aren't just duplicating the same fund over and over again. 

    This analysis ensures that our Fund Managers are adding value through diversification and that our active fund managers aren't benchmark hugging.

  4. Millie compares the added, deleted, increased and decreased holdings to the list of nasties from the last Mindful Money analysis, and updates the master worksheet that is used in the personalised analysis for clients, while alerting us to the changes for our information.


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